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So.... I really like bdsm and this felt... Meh? More than meh. So, the good? The art is nice. The not so good? The story is slow, and... I don't really ever get invested in any of the characters. We spend a long time starting the story, then flash by the stuff that might actually make the characters relatable or likeable. It's like hearing the story from someone else who read it. I have no idea when either of the main characters fell in love. It just becomes a thing, like, oh, I love you now, for no reason other than one random bdsm encounter. Maybe others will like it, but this one was lackluster at best, and honestly? Not the worst I've ever read, but it was pretty disappointing. Will not make it on my re-read list.
The art is good, the first story is pretty okay. The second story... the top is abusive, domineering and selfish, and forces the bottom almost every time. The bottom just accepts that that's his fate or something and gives up. I like this author's other stuff on renta, but not this one.
I really liked this story, it's cute and the characters are likeable. What I did not like was that when I bought chapter 5 at 200 points, it was only 14 pages long! Too expensive, it wasn't a full chapter, it feels like it cuts off right in the middle. This story is overpriced.
It's sorta fluffy....and that's all. I like the concept, but it doesn't deliver in my opinion. It feels like it gets close, but then it's just fluff again. There could be a lot of depth to these characters, but there's not. There isn't even that much regarding the 'fantasy' element, either. It feels half done. The relationship development feels hollow and kinda more like, okay, I guess I like you since you like me. Meh, this series is just meh. An unrelated side note, the change in font occasionally is confusing, and the flowery font choice was a bit annoying.
It's cute and fluffy, but incredibly tame. Not even a kiss! I wish it was longer, and had more of their relationship developing. Maybe more chapters later? I dunno. I was hoping for a lot more than we got here.
I like the art for this and that's all. I couldn't even finish it. I usually like bullies and subs who turn into lovers, but this isn't that kind of story. The main character has to be kidnapped, tied up in a blanket, and forced/coerced just to interact with the bulky, and it happens over and over again. I never get the sense that either of the characters ever end up in love with each other, the main character just eventually just gives up. I wish I could get my money back on this one.
This story is absolutely adorable with just enough smut. All chapters are out now, but I wish there was more. I wanna get to know these characters more, to see their relationship develop. This feels like just the beginning. Lots of feels in these chapters, def worth a read through or three. :)
Loved it. A super cute and smutty sequel. It was awesome getting to know the characters better, they are both so sweet.
I thought this story had a lot of potential, but the ending was really disappointing, as in, there was no ending. Like, nothing is explained, the "love interest" is half-done, the characters are flat, and the story is more of a concept than an actual story. On top of it all the art was messy, kind of seemed more like a concept board or draft than a finished work. I don't recommend this one.
This is one of my favorites on this site. It comes out wayyyy too infrequently, but this relationship is so fun and heart wrenching at the same time. I love both of these guys and the relationship they have. Highest recommendation.
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