User Reviews For: Tonight, I Fall for Those Fingertips


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Nyanko Rating
Let me preface by saying that I liked the stories here. They had some emotional resonance and the characters, especially in the title story, had enough depth to make their experiences real and sympathetic. Honestly, I loved the heroine in the title story and how she went all out when she thought she was “only” having a vacation fling, then struggled to reconcile her passion with her professionalism. All things being equal, I'd give this four stars and move on. HOWEVER, I found it really difficult to get over the abysmal quality of some of the art. While the facial art is pretty good, this mangaka has some real issues with perspective and proportion in depicting the human body, and it's very distracting. See how the cover art shows the heroine without a neck? I thought that was an example of bad cover art with good art inside. Nope. There are scenes where characters have no necks, wildly disproportionate limbs, or just unnatural poses, and I found it, well, ugly.
Kpopper126 Rating
10/10 would recommend