User Reviews For: The Detective and The Medical Examiner: How Things got Messy


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KingOfK3arts Rating
Review made at 3 chapters in: I'm really liking this so far, there are a good number of smut scenes, all high quality and all consented which is a double win in my book. The only reason that I didn't give this 5 stars is because I felt the non-romantic/mystery plot to be pretty weak. The couple is adorable so I found myself kinda skipping through the manga anytime the mystery was brought up. But if you're looking for some quality smut scenes and a 8/10 couple then I for sure recommend this for you but if you're looking for a good mystery plot in a BL I would probably skip over this one.
Reader1234 Rating
Well that escalated quickly....
Midorisafree Rating
Soooo beautiful