User Reviews For: Stuck Between Twin Exchange Students! -Even a Friendly Hug Sends My Heart Racing!-


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peichi Rating
Have the gods finally granted me the one true 3p manga to end all 3p manga? Sexy mixed race American twins living together with our easily turned on virgin heroine, oh my! It's nice that they have distinct personalities too, so often twins in manga like this have the same personality. Everything has been consensual so far, the twins are naughty but in a fun way and she seems in to it (who wouldn't be?!) There has barely been any action so far, so I can't really judge the sex scenes yet, but the situation is so hot that I feel like they can't go wrong. So I am tentatively giving this 5 stars based on only the first chapter because I want others to buy and read this.
ShiinaMH Rating
For some reason, I got nosebleed hahahahh
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