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Sequoia4 Rating
Great fluff and smut scenes! Like other reviews have stated, it's not a plot heavy story and leaves some gaps (like giving more background information on the demon) but the smut scenes make up for it. I also wish the friend could've had a more interesting end story but since he isn't a "main" character there's not too much to feel bad for. But lovely artwork!
AndreCR Rating
Great definitely will read again
? Rating
THIS WAS AMAZING!! I loved the art, the story, and the couple. Makoto and Shiro were insanely cute together and very sexy! I loved the idea of Shiro being a demon and with dark skinned demon characters being so hard to come by, I especially enjoyed this. I felt bad for Nagizuka towards the end, but he kinda deserved it for being a bad friend. Overall worth the purchase!
HorseObsessed Rating
So often there are different ethnicities in the titles but they're drawn the same so you can't tell, or the different ethnicities are side characters. In this title, the Succubus is a different ethnicity & it's noticeable. I feel that the author is the spotlight on a different ethnicity as well, & that's good. As usual, the artwork is so cute, the story is very good. I Love this title, & yes, I'm officially a fan.
Stephanieagreen Rating
I did expect a little bit more background on the characters, but overall a cute story with a good amount of lust and tasty play.
jenjen6638 Rating
So cute so smutty
celi Rating
I love how in love the characters are in all of Tojo's works. Every time I read something of theirs, the characters are soooo lovey-dovey and cute. There's not a lot of conflict in this story. It's an easy read that has a ton of fluff and a ton of spiciness too. I've read it many times.
msanchezz Rating
The innocence and passion for this couple is just perfect. A great read that I just can't get enough of.
Animelove4 Rating
Wonderful graphics and a pretty good story line!
PinkHeart19 Rating
This is such a cute & wholesome while being super smutty at the same time. It's extremely fluffy and funny to read. Probably one of my favorites bls now!!!! I purchased the unlimited one right away after reading the preview. I greatly recommend it!!!!!!
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