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SadAsian Rating
I love the art and I like where the story is going. I can't wait for more!
kikyo Rating
Yummy can I read more ? I'm excited to find out what happens next. The nurse is a very interesting touch her and her shady ways .
bw87 Rating
Love the progression between the two characters and the art is just so beautiful! Can't wait for future installments!
dawniearthurs Rating
I love the art, the story is amusing. I need more. Wish I could get updates everyday!!! One of my favorite series.
BeanSoupGoblin Rating
This is the good stuff QwQ
vanlee84 Rating
Perfection! I love the art and the story. The tails intertwined was too cute!!
MandixxMay Rating
This is one of my favorite Mangas I've had the pleasure of coming across on this site ! I highly recommend it! The only complaint is that its too short haha
Maryyy1212 Rating
Amazing characters and story??? I look forward to the next chapter
bitchlin Rating
? loved it till the end. wish there was more lol
Torihakarau Rating
This manga was fantastic! I read it many times lol. The main characters personalities mesh well and it creates a healthy balance in their relationship! And they are so cute! Hope some extras come out in the future :)
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