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Nuria74 Rating
It very good and interesting and have part funny story, the draw are very good. I wish soon to read the next chapter. Continue with your work writing is very good. Bad guys and the little girl .
Rae Rating
This is an excellent manga that I would recommend to anyone and everyone, in addition to the anime. The manga adds some interesting extra exclusive dialogue and scenes. I do wish the english translation would release more frequently, rather than every few months at best-
Jadzia Rating
I love this manga! I'm impatient for the translation to continue and and I hope it gets released in bundles like the Japanese version, or that contents such as the bonus profiles and Shikoku Arc are translated soon ?
Chamomile Rating
I was really wanting more Akudama Drive content after finishing the anime a while back, so this was a pleasure to find when I stumbled across it. The plot beats are obviously similar (if not literally exactly the same) to the source material, but it also sprinkles in some extra content that wasn't in the anime for some flavor and to flesh out the characters. This provides a fresh experience for those who already know what happens, and a more full experience for newcomers. The art feels a little stiff sometimes, but it's also pretty dang great. (Might be my bias talking, but the large panel shots of Courier and Cutthroat are consistently good.) If you enjoyed the anime, it's pretty likely that you're gonna enjoy this, too. I also recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, action-packed, criminal-led adventure. But beware if you're a little squeamish.
kronosking Rating
A thrilling action adeventure