Nuria74's Reviews & Ratings

The story look very interesting, it has funny parts, the pictures look good, I cannot wait for the next chapter, see what they say or do next. To the writer good job, continue with the good work.
Very good start history, funny on parts ?, I cannot wait for the next chapter.
I loved, very well done history, the guy so husky and her is like little kitty afraid of anything. But real love always is the winner.
I loved he is in love ? the history and drama is very good, the carathers they have funny parts ?. I can not wit for the next episode.
It is very interesting history, I liked very much, good trama and funny part. I can no wait for the next chapter.
The history was fun to read, the artwork was very good, but to short, I will liked more chapters. Overall was very good I do recommended to read.
Very good history, the characters are very handsome and cute ? I loved.
I loved the histories, they are very well done, the star to finish was very good writing and the pictures are great.
I do like the history has a good context, the picture are great. They have moments interesting, lovely.
I liked a lot, very nice art and the history very good writing from start to finish. Good job, continue doing more work like this.
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