User Reviews For: My Adorable Prince [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Skaenund Rating
Pretty cute, although the whole "don't worry I won't fall in love with you cause I also prefer to recieve" plot was weird. Just seems so limiting, especially when they are already cool with receiving. Top x top makes more sense as a trope since receiving can be pretty scary until you do it. Just something that bugged me. Otherwise it was pretty ok.
jingleclove Rating
As always, this mangaka has given us another light story with the potential for another reversible couple! Two bottoms make a right, and it shows.I've been a fan of their work due to the versatility the couples show, where their cute and masculine traits are interchangeable, it adds the spice to their relationship haha.This one is between two teachers, Koyo is the "ultimate" bottom, but still has his cool side shine! Shinobu is the "try-hard to be perfect!" bottom, who eventually falls for Koyo's cuteness and blunt personality. They have good chemistry together, and not much drama happens between them as their relationship develops. We also get two new Rules chapters in here, which are as always: wholesome glimpse in those two's lives.I never really get bored rereading these stories since they're almost always light-hearted:)
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