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There was potential to this one, but it rushed in certain parts that deserved more time and exposition(when the omega coworker saw the truth of the company, end chapter in general, etc.)The art itself is very nice.I felt as if it was due to deadlines and restrictions that ended up making the story sell itself short. An additional chapter showing how much could have changed after their relationship developed would have been nice to make up for all the non-con going on in the main story.
As always, this mangaka has given us another light story with the potential for another reversible couple! Two bottoms make a right, and it shows.I've been a fan of their work due to the versatility the couples show, where their cute and masculine traits are interchangeable, it adds the spice to their relationship haha.This one is between two teachers, Koyo is the "ultimate" bottom, but still has his cool side shine! Shinobu is the "try-hard to be perfect!" bottom, who eventually falls for Koyo's cuteness and blunt personality. They have good chemistry together, and not much drama happens between them as their relationship develops. We also get two new Rules chapters in here, which are as always: wholesome glimpse in those two's lives.I never really get bored rereading these stories since they're almost always light-hearted:)
Surprisingly not a huge fan of this one. I felt bad for Souta most of all, he gets portrayed as the bad guy, but genuinely had feelings for Yuki. They DID have an arrangement beforehand that was only physical, but it was basically Souta's way of keeping his crush at arm's length. They also did him dirty with a later scene to set him up as the antagonist, which, really felt kind of out of character for him.Yuki himself was indecisive, but because of his reliance on what he thought was important (class hiearchy that he had in his mind). I couldn't tell if he actually started to like Souta because of the way he thought about him sometimes (before he started meeting up with Takada.)Takada was put in a situation where there'd be no winners honestly, it felt as if he walked into a lovers spat and was left with a guy who didn't handle relationships well. Teenagers for sure with the way they handled the situation haha.I usually enjoy this author's work, but this one was hmm at best.
A bittersweet reincarnation story involving two childhood friends, and a promise from 50 years ago. This one was a bit different from what you'd expect, considering the timeline and relationship between Ryouta and Chizuru described over the course of the manga. I felt as if his and Issei's relationship was breezed through a bit too quickly, especially in the second half of the story. It's better off to rent it first if you want to read something a bit quick. The art itself was lovely, soft and light, perfectly complimenting the tenderness and longing from the summer's fleeting memories.As stated before, it's a quick read type of story that focuses more on Issei's journey to get to where he is by the end of the book, it's not explicitly stated that this is the case, but base it off of his and Ryouta's initial interactions.
Very light story revolving around childhood friends Ten and Ikuo's budding romance. There isnt that much drama to it, and it is very simple storytelling, but this author has mastered that simplicity to make the characters charming. They're awkward around each other initially after their realizations, but still gravitate to one another because that's just what they're used to. I really like the art style when paired with the story, since it proves that sometimes you just need a breather from more intense themes, yet still enjoy what you've been given.I'd recommend to rent it if youre just in it for a light read, but by all means purchase it! I'm just an absolute sucker for this author's works. Extremely charming and awkward cast in each of their series.
This one was fun to read!Daisuke is a modeling manager, ready to follow his dreams into getting one of his models into Paris Fashion Week, and Subaru is the student he catches and shapes up to be more than meets the eye. Obviously, Subaru's initially aloof with his goals and more in it for Daisuke, but eventually tries to prove that he's in it for the both of them to see the fashion world together. He's also the one who falls first and makes it a point to prove it in each and every photoshoot they're involved in. There's a slow burn type of development between them, but it pays off in the second volume. Its got nice art, and a pretty decent story! I also loved how the androgynous model wasnt used as a joke, and was also inspired by a real model!
Pretty light read!Story revolves around a reunion between a broke playboy who loves animals a whole lot and a childhood friend of sorts who's been heavily involved with animals his whole life.A simple unrequited crush turned mutual, but the initial dynamic between the two is more like a cautious mouse versus a carnivorous cat. I was a huge fan of the art style, very dynamic and clean, and suited the story's style. The art also complimented the character's designs extremely well.I also wished the coworkers got a spin-off or at least another chapter because they're both idiots, but in different senses, so when you put them together, you end up with all sorts of chaos.A heads up for the subtle dub-con with the main couple in the beginning, mainly since alcohol was involved. I don't mind it, but I know others might be put off by that.Overall, pretty light story, but the characters make it worthwhile! I like the pairs presented!
I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this one! Narumi starts off trying to save his grandpa's restaurant and bumps into Toshio, his old classmate from middle school.He finds out Toshio's a money lender, asks for his help, and you guessed it right folks, Toshio says he has to pay with his body.Afterwards, you get to see some bits and pieces of their history through Narumi's memories, and he slowly becomes aware of his own feelings towards Toshio. It's a push-pull start, but eventually they do end up together and make a good couple. Narumi is still pretty confident, which I actually enjoyed from his character. Toshio becomes a bit more open with his feelings, due to his unreauited love for Narumi being requited at the end of it all. It had some funny moments, but overall, it's a decent read!
A story about a sis-con, and his relationship with his younger sister's friend. Some blackmail of course coming from the friend when they have a reunion in college. Nothing out of the ordinary in that trope, I did feel like it was cut off too early in their actual relationship development though. There could have been another extra, or at least some more banter between Arisu and Miyako, because their friendship dynamic was interesting; just seeing her reaction at the end wasn't enough for me to be content with it haha.Like stated earlier, its nothing new, and the art's nice too. I just wished it could have a bit more development at the end since realistically speaking, only the extra showed them after they officially started dating.Shout out to the protective older brother trope:)
I really loved this one! Heartfelt and more of a slow-burn romance with a focus on Riku's growth as a person once he's reached the fork in his life. The focus of the story isn't Shou, which is what the preview makes it to be, it's actually Riku. You see him in his teenage years, and then the story is mainly in his early adulthood. You see his internal struggles and awkwardness the more you get into it, but you also end up seeing personal growth once Shun is in the picture. I was pleasantly suprised with that addition, because you expect him to just be a side character who helped Shou once, but he also ends up helping Riku in an unexpected way. I genuinely enjoyed this one because romance wasn't used as the focal point, it just came naturally as the story progressed. This one was more about rebuilding lost connections with others, and finding reason within life again. I'd highly recommend it if you want to see a character grow and fix their past mistakes to become a better person.
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