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This one's an interesting story since it's revolving around a boy band group, with the cast having an interesting dynamic. Jun, the dancer, is one of our main leads who has a very negative perception of himself subconsciously. With this in mind, we can now focus on Isshin, the model turned vocalist for their band. He's actually the writer of the songs and states that he was basically blackmailed to write for them. Due to this, he forces Jun into sexual submission on multiple ocassions, as well as keeping him under his supervision.Then to round it all off is Yuma, the youngest in the group and is basically the only one of the three who is treated like an outsider in the story, but this is also intentional. Not trying to spoil the story or anything, but he's the best boy in it.There is unreliable narration, but it's also intentionally done since this is a two sided story of someone who is oblivious of their past actions, and another who is obsessed with said individual.
Imagine being exes who are whole-heartedly still in love with each other even though it's been close to five years since breaking up. Adding onto the fact that a restaurant is run together by the two in question. This is the relationship Naoto and Tomoki share and make everyone else who works with them in the restaurant's problem.This is a romantic comedy where each chapter presents another reason why they're so horribly smitten for each other and can't cope with their emotions well either. Imagine emotional constipation and eternal longing, blend it in with, "He's literally telling us everyday how much he's still in love with you-" and you've got yourself an entertaining story that also leaves you, the reader, shaking your head at their antics. The buildup for action is absurd but also so them- They bicker one moment and then swoon the next. You just end up heaving in anticipation for each chapter update because it always escalates in second-hand embarrassment. Enjoy the ride!
I ADORE the pacing in this one, there's a prequel to it where they develop their relationship and this is set four years into their cohabitation. What I really enjoyed about this volume was the amount of communication these two have, ranging from insecurities to their feelings. There's a sense of melancholy and realism to their worries over each other and it sets the tone in this story.The realisitic worries over being compared to others, societal pressures over their relationship, as well as genuinely imagining their doubts from each other's shoes.The simple art style is another strength because you're NOT supposed to see this as something pretty or overly dramatic. There's an intent to create a more grounded atmosphere that gets pulled off so well due to it. The art is meant to show you just another love story that obviously has its rocky parts, but it gets better as the story progresses. They make it through their turmoils and get to be their true selves by the end of everything.
For what it is, it's a super light-hearted story that is pretty quick to read theough. A doll that becomes reanimated and learns to love, he's a bit naive and has to adjust to his new world.Sera wakes Satsuki up and learns little by little about his past and his interesting "heart" mechanic, but also begins to fall for him the more he sees Satsuki grow into his own self.The story was shorter than her other works, but it has an even softer ending than usual, I wish it was longer since the premise was interesting, and there was an additional side couple that could have expanded the plot a bit more. Their romance just began by the end of the second volume, but you just wish there would be more in store for these two.
Now that the second volume is on Renta I can wholeheartedly say that this a manga worth renting. There's so much subtle absurdity to this series, even the title gives you a hint on what's to come.The first volume focuses on developing the relationship between Kobayashi and Yamamoto while they're in college, going from friends to lovers, while also sprinkling in as many off the wall comments Yamamoto has on Kobayashi's "anaconda". It's ridiculous how his mind works, but it adds so much charm to the chaos. The squirting scene in their passionate moment cemented Kobayashi's love for Yamamoto and if that doesn't scream romance then I don't know what else does.Second volume is a time skip with Yamamoto going off on his own and eventually coming back to Kobayashi's brewery for a full time job there. It's full of idiots being in love while also working together, so it can get just as absurd as before. Honestly love how much they can't resist each other because it adds to their chaos.
This slow-burn definitely tugs at the heart strings the more you get along into the story. Shinichiro and Toru have a gentle relationship at first, where Toru feels a bit scared around his new boss(Shinichiro) after a drunken work gathering; what ends up as fear turns into respect after he doesn't get treated differently by him.Shinichiro cares for Toru and shows it in his actions at work and outside of it as well.The supporting cast is also good, I love Shinichiro's grandma, super supportive of their friendship and can tell Toru has some emotional baggage but doesn't force him to open up about it.The whole reason for his "Happy Prince" ending is extremely bittersweet, but while reading the story you just want him to be happy after everything he's went through. This story is heavy so don't get fooled by the soft art style. While it may be like that, it fortunately shows some relief by letting Toru open up with Shinichiro to heal.
A couple who initially began from convenience slowly but surely blossoms into one of mutual attraction. Yajima and Kazumi are a duo that bounce off each other extremely well, slowly falling more in love and somewhat kinkier as their relationship develops. There's multiple volumes to this series that shows how domestic they become after opening up to each other properly. Of course they have their disagreements, but actually have great communication to settle their issues properly. The story is warm in an odd sense, you just can't help but hope that they never get tired of each other. Their banter is endearing in an "Oh you don't want to leave yet? I'll keep us tied up together." There's obviously consent with their play, but the way Yajima thinks sometimes makes it even more over the top. Kazumi is whipped for this man with daddy issues, but who wouldn't after seeing how he acts.This is a story where you can reread it and always feel fulfilled once you finish it. It's just that fun.
This one is definitely a cute one to read! Lots of communication between the couple even when it carries onto the next chapter. Huge bonus points for that since it dissolved the drama immediately afterwards since they actually try to act their age and not drag anything longer than necessary.Sometimes their actions don't make sense at the moment, but through the chapters flashbacks more or less explain why they acted like that(ex. discussing their marital status to old friends). This is definitely a wholesome series and I wished it was longer just because you can really see how much they care for each other + their friends support is such a nice touch. The art itself is also pleasant to look at even with its somewhat rougher style, it conveys softness and adds to the lighthearted tone of the story.
Pretty light story with characters that navigate their wat through a fast-paced relationship initially and learn more about each other along the way. They both have motives that make them want to be married and happy, so it's nice to see them make an effort to try dating and going with the flow.Story is a bit fast paced in the beginning but settles down a bit towards the middle which reflects with their dynamic as well. If the story was a bit longer towards the end it would have been nice to see how the bar owner could have reacted to them living together since he was their cupid.Another small complaint was that it did feel like a marriage speedrun. Other than their pasts being revealed, they didn't really get to learn much about each other(in regards to likes/dislikes/hobbies). I adore this artist but feel like this one was lacking in some of the more crucial aspects of the premise, but it was a light read. Rent if anything!
Rent it if you're interested in reading something quick. It's an older series so know that it'll have the early 2000s yaoi consent issue. There's a scene where the bottom endures some sexual harrassment in front of the top's older brother + his best friend. Its more of a sadistic boyfriend situation where he has to deal with the top's jealousy streak + they go at it like rabbits throughout the entire manga. Art wise, it was surprisingly consistent, but story wise it felt lacking for what it was supposed to be.