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This slow-burn definitely tugs at the heart strings the more you get along into the story. Shinichiro and Toru have a gentle relationship at first, where Toru feels a bit scared around his new boss(Shinichiro) after a drunken work gathering; what ends up as fear turns into respect after he doesn't get treated differently by him.Shinichiro cares for Toru and shows it in his actions at work and outside of it as well.The supporting cast is also good, I love Shinichiro's grandma, super supportive of their friendship and can tell Toru has some emotional baggage but doesn't force him to open up about it.The whole reason for his "Happy Prince" ending is extremely bittersweet, but while reading the story you just want him to be happy after everything he's went through. This story is heavy so don't get fooled by the soft art style. While it may be like that, it fortunately shows some relief by letting Toru open up with Shinichiro to heal.
A couple who initially began from convenience slowly but surely blossoms into one of mutual attraction. Yajima and Kazumi are a duo that bounce off each other extremely well, slowly falling more in love and somewhat kinkier as their relationship develops. There's multiple volumes to this series that shows how domestic they become after opening up to each other properly. Of course they have their disagreements, but actually have great communication to settle their issues properly. The story is warm in an odd sense, you just can't help but hope that they never get tired of each other. Their banter is endearing in an "Oh you don't want to leave yet? I'll keep us tied up together." There's obviously consent with their play, but the way Yajima thinks sometimes makes it even more over the top. Kazumi is whipped for this man with daddy issues, but who wouldn't after seeing how he acts.This is a story where you can reread it and always feel fulfilled once you finish it. It's just that fun.
This one is definitely a cute one to read! Lots of communication between the couple even when it carries onto the next chapter. Huge bonus points for that since it dissolved the drama immediately afterwards since they actually try to act their age and not drag anything longer than necessary.Sometimes their actions don't make sense at the moment, but through the chapters flashbacks more or less explain why they acted like that(ex. discussing their marital status to old friends). This is definitely a wholesome series and I wished it was longer just because you can really see how much they care for each other + their friends support is such a nice touch. The art itself is also pleasant to look at even with its somewhat rougher style, it conveys softness and adds to the lighthearted tone of the story.
Pretty light story with characters that navigate their wat through a fast-paced relationship initially and learn more about each other along the way. They both have motives that make them want to be married and happy, so it's nice to see them make an effort to try dating and going with the flow.Story is a bit fast paced in the beginning but settles down a bit towards the middle which reflects with their dynamic as well. If the story was a bit longer towards the end it would have been nice to see how the bar owner could have reacted to them living together since he was their cupid.Another small complaint was that it did feel like a marriage speedrun. Other than their pasts being revealed, they didn't really get to learn much about each other(in regards to likes/dislikes/hobbies). I adore this artist but feel like this one was lacking in some of the more crucial aspects of the premise, but it was a light read. Rent if anything!
Rent it if you're interested in reading something quick. It's an older series so know that it'll have the early 2000s yaoi consent issue. There's a scene where the bottom endures some sexual harrassment in front of the top's older brother + his best friend. Its more of a sadistic boyfriend situation where he has to deal with the top's jealousy streak + they go at it like rabbits throughout the entire manga. Art wise, it was surprisingly consistent, but story wise it felt lacking for what it was supposed to be.
So this one was a bit rough to read, pacing wise and situation wise. The art is good though.Kazu and Kei get down and dirty in the span of the first 6 pages(new record!). Kazu is a masochist(from past boyfriend's training), but it shows flashbacks of them with them building up what he can and can't handle. There is a non-con scene with his ex setting it up and leaving him to a group without telling him what he would endure.Kei is his stalker childhood friend who is in love with him, so he's the comic relief in a strange way. Like stated earlier, they get intimate extremely early on and the pacing makes their relationship feel like it progressed too quickly and makes Kazu feel like he never got much of a break. Kei does make attempts to seduce him and obviously Kazu begrudgingly get invested.Also there's another scene close to the end that is a bit awkwardly placed and feels somewhat anticlimactic but also overdramatic. Strange combination, at least they ended up together!
I love this trope so much! Divorcee x interested bachelor is one that always ends up with a lot of shenanigans in the whole story, leading up to their eventual romance. The story itself was more entertaining than I initially expected, but extremely appreciated. Iha is a mess of a man who doesn't have an ounce of romance in his bones, but is infatuated with Masami and his personality. Masami on the other hand is more of a realist, but strives to do his best even if he is led into the romance initially unwillingly, but he eventually does begin to care for Iha the more time they spend together. The art is nice and the story has a moderately good pacing wish there was more, just because their dynamic was entertaining to watch. Rent it first to see if it catches your eye! The absurdity of the situation adds to the reading experience!
So best friends turned to lovers, what more could we have asked for! Add in some drama, comedy, and lewd scenes to get yourself this fun manga.Finally got to read the sequel to this one! A lot of what felt lacking in the first one gets covered in the second one, and there's a non-con scene that feels heavier than initially anticipated. So a heads up on that if you don't like that type of content!The first volume lays the foundation of these lovebirds with the trials and tribulations of teenage romance. The second delves more into insecurities and obviously tying loose ends to the past.I really loved the relationship buildup in both volumes and hope that there's some bonuses out there covering more of Urabe with these two because their dynamic has so much potential.Huge fan of Papiko's works and this one isn't an exception.
Very light stories and it's a collection that has different tropes scattered in it. The first one was definitely my favorite and I wish there was a whole volume dedicated to the first couple since it revolved around rivals.The stories themselves had good pacing and the art was surprisingly complimentary to the atmosphere the artist created. Overall, it was a nice quick read and the stories leave you wishing there was more for them because they stop when the relationships truly begin.
There was potential to this one, but it rushed in certain parts that deserved more time and exposition(when the omega coworker saw the truth of the company, end chapter in general, etc.)The art itself is very nice.I felt as if it was due to deadlines and restrictions that ended up making the story sell itself short. An additional chapter showing how much could have changed after their relationship developed would have been nice to make up for all the non-con going on in the main story.
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