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ChattyK2125 Rating
Really loved this one. Very creative on the relief of the shrine maiden besides the mouth which I knew of. But the Kosei/Minami relationship was a real shocker especially since Kosei was the one to take care of Minami. At first I thought Donahoe was taking advantage of him and I think he was in the beginning but after Minami got so sick by taking in so much evil and malice and then Donohoe comes to rescue him it is obvious of his feelings. But they become more blunt when Donohoe tells him he loves him and gets Kosei to release him from his contract. Loved the love story. It was not your usual office worker thing. I like reading about things like Shield Maidens and I wonder what actually has happened in history.Highly recommend!
MariannaKh Rating
Super cute and well drawn <3
misamatsu Rating
heheheheheheh really good *chief kiss
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