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Binged this one! I really liked the love story here. There are plenty of intimate moments. All covered by kimono. Actually that was much more of a turn-on to think the emperor was wearing nothing underneath! I love the Romantic Feel of the whole thing! Highly recommend!
Even though it is about the porn industry, there is a love story here between a straight man and a gay man. Their love story helps Kou do porn each day as the #1 porn star. Kou has a fantasy in his head for his cameraman, Shuzo, that is how he is able to perform every day. Shuzo, seems to be straight for everyone but Kou. He becomes very jealous. Eventually he tells Kou he loves him. They are so sweetly in love.I love it!
Really loved this one. Very creative on the relief of the shrine maiden besides the mouth which I knew of. But the Kosei/Minami relationship was a real shocker especially since Kosei was the one to take care of Minami. At first I thought Donahoe was taking advantage of him and I think he was in the beginning but after Minami got so sick by taking in so much evil and malice and then Donohoe comes to rescue him it is obvious of his feelings. But they become more blunt when Donohoe tells him he loves him and gets Kosei to release him from his contract. Loved the love story. It was not your usual office worker thing. I like reading about things like Shield Maidens and I wonder what actually has happened in history.Highly recommend!
Really loved these 2. Yoru is so beautifully honest to Asaichi about his love for him. When you find out later why Yoru loves him, it really makes sense and you want to route for both of them. It takes Asaichi alot longer to fall in love. He eventually hears how Yoru would not be a musician if it were not for him. By that point Asaichi had fallen for him after Yoru took care of him after Iori and his flunkee beat Asaichi.It was after that the 2 wrote and recorded an award winning song. Basically all about their story.Really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to anyone else!
I love how the story ultimately ended. But throughout love was very one-sided. It took an outside force by Igarashi to make Kuniharu not only realize how important Ruka was to him but by the time he saw him face to face. Again he realizes he is in love. I love that moment. It is my favorite!Kuniharu was so blind to what was right in front of him already Ruka screaming out his undying love all the time. Bound to stick once!Really enjoyed this and highly recommend it to others.
Want more! I really loved this! He was more mature than his teacher except he started failing he was working so hard. He loved both of them. Please give us more soon. A part 2 maybe?
I loved this. It was super fun and refreshing with the writing and the drawing. Can't wait for a Volume 2 maybe with these two going further in their relationship! Or explore others from this school. Sounds really cool with lots of material.
I love how Tomohiro believed in Jyo so much that he worked to free up his pictures and name. And at the end the two fell in love but Tomohiro messed with Jyo even in the way he told him. I was not sure I would like this and then I could not stop reading. Romance and love. Not to mention the way Jyo is drawn is hot. Especially with Jyo and Tomohiro making love for the first time. HOT!
Love the ending! Sorta jumped fast though. But that's OK. I loved reading about these 2 guys. ENJOY!
Nana and Akira are absolutely the cutest couple. And Nana is so incredibly adorable when he asks Akira for help with losing his virginity (which the entire school thinks he already lost!)I loved it when Akira kissed him and then realized that was Nana's first kiss too and he had planted a doozy! But the best part was when Nana declares his love to Akira and takes care of Akira through fever than after one of their movie dates, they could not keep their hands off each other. Clothes went flying, etc on with the smut. ?. Highly recommended. Loved reading about these two alot!
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