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This was the sweetest manga! I love these 2 taking care of Tomoe first and then her sweet daughter Ayu. But then Ayu was really taking care of them in a way because she brought them closer as a family. And included so many other people too. This was an amazing love story not just between the two men but their love of a little girl who grew up to have her own little girl. Highly Recommended !
This is the sweetest brotherly love story I have read so far. Most stories have them having sex. And this one does too but Haruhi and Akito share such sweet feelings of love. It is actually Akito who falls for Haruhi and once he tells him the story of his love, Haruhi can't help but love him. Haruhi does worrybecause Akito is the heir but Akito is not worried. Haruhi also get jealous of all the girls Akito has around him. Akito reminds Haruhi that he only has eyes for him. It continues with everyone accepting them, Not only that but seeing it when they were younger in Akito for Haruhi.I really liked this brotherly love. It was sweet. If it has more, I am sure I would love it too since they are spending a bit more time in the bedroom!
Ok. So just a few chapters back and I was actually tearing up for the first time with one of these BL love story mangas. I thought it was sweet how Tsukihito followed Mioto's life through Mioto's, Dad's stories to him, whom he met through his grandmother. Tsukihito loses his grandmother and Mom at the same time. Mioto has lost his parents as well. The rich prefect and the scholarship kid connect. Mioto is the only one that can really talk to Tsukihito. Then the ball prep happens. The Prefect from the other school finds Mioto. THAT NASTY GIRL! She tells Mioto to leave her fiancé alone and leave forever. Will he? Will he tell Tsukihito? Or one of the other guys who would tell him? Especially after pinky swears. Can't wait for more! CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS BEFORE! BINGE IN ONE NIGHT!
All of Nagatora's host women use him for money. And that is his job, but thsee ladies are a piece of work. His hairdresser convinces him to try batting for the other team. He is now falling for Reina and Reina is falling for him as they do all kinds of dates. I hope as the sErie contines the two will express their love for each other.
A funny smutty (although whited out parts )gangster love story. Although today, I am super worried. Poor Uno goes to work to pay for a birthday gift for Ryo. As he is working he sees another guy with their arms around Ryo. It is crazy and silly but very lovable series. Looking forward to the next one!
My favorite Manga are the b/l love stories. This did not disappoint. Iori can take care of Roku in many ways for being an 18 year old virgin. It is not blunt in the way it is shown. Poor Iori once he realizes he has feelings for Roku was afraid it would show but he was very frightened of being penetrated by Roku. Roku realizes this, through the help from a friend he grew up with who gave him advice to take it slow with Iori. Hard to do on both especially with Roku sleeping literally with him. When feelings hit both of them. That is when Iori finally let's guard down. Really loved this story. Not too smutty with penises penetrating as I have seen in other manga. This was perfect amount for the story written. The story was on sale. It was worth trying Sensei's books and I really enjoyed this one. Going for another!
OMG They are just falling for each other! Please continue with this. I feel like their story is not done. We have just been teased, now for the really sexy stuff right???
Wow! What a love story between Aki and Nao! I really hope to see more develop between these two cute boys who are experiencing love for the first time with the person they have both loved all their life, the next door neighbor. They would crawl through each other's window their houses were so close. Nao was always holding back and never touching Aki. Aki was giving more and more signs. Let's just say Nao walked in on Aki doing something in the shower to release and that set them both off. From then on they were making love non-stop. Will Nao pass his Entrance exam after all the love making? Can't wait to find our with this amazingly cute tale!
Don't let this be the last one! Poor Mr. Seto seems to go around solving everyone'should problems. So he gets moved off of HIS drama to a documentary, now that the documentary is done and is amazing + he did what Riyuji asked- help Miyako. He helped him overcome his fears and now he is much improved. Kazumi wants him back on the drama because he loves him. What will happen. Where will his job send him next? Poor Mr. Seto though seems to not have love or now it looks like maybe either of the jobs he liked.
A bit on the smut filled side but I am not complaining! There was in between Miharu trying to teach people something, a bit of sadness once Daiki starts working there and gets left behind all the time when he knows Miharu will go "teach" people through some sex moment. Then they scan back on his time when he was younger, showed reasons why he does what he does now.In the end though, Daiki was and he shared honest moments after some intense scenes (not sex related!) Which brings about the outpouring from both of their feelings of love! Yeah! I LOVE love stories! If you like BL, a bit on the smutty side with a great ending, this is a keeper!
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