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Love the ending! Sorta jumped fast though. But that's OK. I loved reading about these 2 guys. ENJOY!
Nana and Akira are absolutely the cutest couple. And Nana is so incredibly adorable when he asks Akira for help with losing his virginity (which the entire school thinks he already lost!)I loved it when Akira kissed him and then realized that was Nana's first kiss too and he had planted a doozy! But the best part was when Nana declares his love to Akira and takes care of Akira through fever than after one of their movie dates, they could not keep their hands off each other. Clothes went flying, etc on with the smut. ?. Highly recommended. Loved reading about these two alot!
Absolutely the best. Not alot of smexy. But the story was amazing. I found myself wanting even more. This is such a worthwhile read. I got it on a sale but having read it now, it is one of the few of the expensive manga that I would have paid full price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
A bit strange theme but I really love how Kuroe fell for Sonogi and he for Kuroe. The best part was at the end when Kuroe said how he wanted to be a family with the offer of so many material things. Sonogi said she wanted none of that but just a family. So after all their extremely perverted experiences, they found love...true love. As crazy as it was, I was really drawn to this one. I do recommend it highly!
Really enjoyed this. One guy jumps to say I love you but doesn't know what it means until they have been together awhile. The other, just so afraid..of love. Together, they made a couple but after many months they both realized how deeply in love they were. Highly recommend this. Lots of smexy.
I am going to read it all over again! Love the ending!
I really loved this. There was maybe a bit too much changing back and forth. But it was chalked up to stress. Hibiki and Hiroto are very cute together. I love Hiroto that he got past the soul mate mixup and after telling Hibiki he loved her realized he loved both of them (genders). He had sex with both and that made Hibiki feel very loved and wanted. Don't want to spoil the best part of this sexy tale. I do recommend it though.
This was the last one story I read by Azutaka. I really liked this one. Narihara is the shyest of the wolves. He tries to make his youngest brother think he has it all together but now even he can see his brother and Totake have a thing. Narihara tries so hard to hide his ears and tail he was forgetting to have fun.. He is not only having fun but Falling for Totake. This story like the others is not oozing filth. But instead it oozes a love story filled with charm.
I really liked this. It was super cute. Not overly smexy. In fact you didn't see anything whited out. But the story was good. Looking forward to his other stories!
I really liked this story especially this last one about Itsuki and his needs for choking. Which as it goes along with Shun he realizes that he doesn't need to be choked because he is getting that feeling alot. That feeling was love. I felt bad because he might not have recognized that with the loss of his Mom and his Dad sick. There was a bit of a love story developing on the last one. I gotta say it was worth the full amount I paid for it.
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