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This manga is one of the most romantic I have seen in a long time! The love between Azuza and Naoya was sweet and somewhat innocent yet still super romantic and slightly erotic without showing a thing. I really loved these characters and I loved how they were always willing to do something for each other. That was really proven in the final volume. This is a MUST READ!I would give it a 10/10++
I don't know why but I love stories about Incubus or Succubus. In this case, so many people seemed to be against Shiro and Tsubaki's relationship. Except for the vampires who really stuck with them both. I didn't quite understand the Demon who was supposed to be raising Tsubaki but was performing sexual acts on him. I didn't understand if it was because he loved Tsubaki 's Mom or what. I adore their relationship-Shiro and Tsubaki. Because it started so innocently when they were young but they fell so quickly. I wish there was an epilogue. Years later after they have had a few demon babies. Incubus. Maybe in an extra. I loved this manga so much. Sure it was extremely erotic but there was a base storyline that was easy to follow. Highly recommend this manga!10/10++
What a great manga! I loved how Rain was best friends with a gay guy called Maki and they talk all of the time.Turns out he is the best looking salesman in the company. There is so much more fun stuff as well as romance stuff. I loved it. It was cute. It wasn't erotic or anything but it was wonderful to read. 10/10+
Today was my 3rd time through reading this. That's right! I love, love these two horny men! And I love the cross dressing. As Tsubasa got older, it is sexy to have your teacher come home and dress up as your maid. I also loved the BDSM more of the SM. So kinky. But most of all, whether Azuza is in his maid outfit yet and yelling out Master/or Tsubasa is doliřng out spankings or other ways to "torture" Azuza sexually, the two of them them adore each other and constantly tell each other how much they love each other.This is an obviously very erotic manga.This is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ!10/10++
I have loved every single volume of Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King. The love story is by far one of the best ones in the yaoi manga on Renta. The King is so very sexy and Rintaro is sexy in his bad boy way although in some things he is dressed in particularly like the latest volume, he is sexy in a somewhat feminine way. I know Rintaro is only human and they are fated but I would like it if he was Omega and had the capability to carry an heir.I highly recommend reading this. It is fun to read. And sexy! But there is sex that happens in the story. 10/10
The story is a beautiful story. The more I read, the more entranced I was. The outfits from the era are beautiful and the colors used are so bright. I like the jewel idea and for everyone. One thing that I loved was looking at the faces of the young men. So very attractive and sexy are Lord Feng, Lord Siwei, and the Water Dragon. I have many questions and wondering about the next volumes but I don't want to ruin it. This is worth reading all the way through. I know I will when the next volumes come out. Not erotic or yaoi or classic romance. But still very, very good!Must Read!10/10
Loved this story! I always love to read about the idol bands and a love connection. I love that Kiyoto joins the band to tru to help his family. When he meets his idol, Motoharu, he is a downright grump to him. Kiyoto has a secret that can't come out. He is part of a "family" of werewolves living up in the mountains. His ears and tail rarely would come out except he is rooming with someone who has the most incredible scent, the kind that turns him on and makes him start kissing and licking his roommate. 1 guess who his roommate is? Motoharu. There is so much fun and it is a really great manga! 10/10 READ!!!
Have really enjoyed the series so far. Slightly annoyed the special edition wasn't just put in the regular one. I ended up buying 2 thinking that I was moving on to Volume 3 and lost $9.00. Oh well. So far. This story is pretty amazing. I wish it were an mpreg so that Lala didn't have to go through the fact that he can't have children and that is why LaLa wanted a second wife brought in. At this point really just want Lala to tell Wolsey how in love she is with him.Can't wait for the 3rd volume. 10/10
I can't wait for the next volume. This went from zero to 100 real fast! This volume was pure sex. It is all blushing and touching. Then buying a suit for him and touching him some more. As they head for Onda's other apartment, they both start talking about things between them. But the minute they get out they barely make it to the apartment before they are all over each other. But also I think they are falling in love. Just my opinion.
Have not written a review in awhile. I just started reading the Romance books as opposed to Verticomix and Yaoi. But this particular title "Desert King: Doctor Daddy", is pure romance. I loved it! I loved how he came all the way to Australia to plead for her to come back to his country to work as a female doctor. I also loved how he distracted her from her fear of flying by kissing her.Great story with lots of romantic twists!Romantic love story!
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