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I really loved this. There was maybe a bit too much changing back and forth. But it was chalked up to stress. Hibiki and Hiroto are very cute together. I love Hiroto that he got past the soul mate mixup and after telling Hibiki he loved her realized he loved both of them (genders). He had sex with both and that made Hibiki feel very loved and wanted. Don't want to spoil the best part of this sexy tale. I do recommend it though.
This was the last one story I read by Azutaka. I really liked this one. Narihara is the shyest of the wolves. He tries to make his youngest brother think he has it all together but now even he can see his brother and Totake have a thing. Narihara tries so hard to hide his ears and tail he was forgetting to have fun.. He is not only having fun but Falling for Totake. This story like the others is not oozing filth. But instead it oozes a love story filled with charm.
I really liked this. It was super cute. Not overly smexy. In fact you didn't see anything whited out. But the story was good. Looking forward to his other stories!
I really liked this story especially this last one about Itsuki and his needs for choking. Which as it goes along with Shun he realizes that he doesn't need to be choked because he is getting that feeling alot. That feeling was love. I felt bad because he might not have recognized that with the loss of his Mom and his Dad sick. There was a bit of a love story developing on the last one. I gotta say it was worth the full amount I paid for it.
Ryu and Haruma...is a great high school love story. A bit sadistic on the part of Haruma to snag Ryo and make him realize he finally has feelings for him. Very ballsy game for Haruma...literally! A fun smexy not too much in your face but enough to be fun sex. It was lighthearted like you might expect high school dramas to be until the end.
I was waiting for this to end in a huge love story. Akira and Goto don't know it when they meet but they end up being fated for each other.But these 2 are some serious horndogs before and even during the love story and the one guy, Goto, man he is so seriously hung. And often times penises are white out and you might see a glimpse of balls. This one, you see the penises in all their Yaoi glory! I liked these 2 guys and how they ended i together in the end.
I thought this was kinda funny with so many penises inside one another. It looked like they were all connected through Kazuha but each one was getting it up their own ass as well. This was orgy dirty and I loved it. I have never written a review with sex words. This one just totally brought it out and more. I kind of wondered if Kazuha would go early since he really doesn't remember alot. If you want just a nice, dirty, sex filled one shot this one is it while still making fun of itself. I really enjoyed it!
A Romantic love story with the right amount of smexy thrown in. Mizuto was clueless about real love even after Shinichi had done so much for him. Saw the ring page...want to have one more to finish me off. Highly recommend!
Wow! This is my most favorite Manga read now in Renta. I found it purely by chance. But it is so romantic. If you want smexy, this is not it. If you want a beautiful BL fairytale romance with a real prince turned king, read it. You will not be disappointed with this!! Highly recommend this!
Wow! I am super excited to read more! This first volume is such a teaser and in such a great way!
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