User Reviews For: You're Mine and Mine Only -Show and Tell with my Childhood Friend!?-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Childhood friends trope is one of my favorites! But it really only works if they're in high school or college otherwise it's like what took you sooooo long? So this being set in high school has that going in it's favor. Ritsu is the typical alpha male big guy on campus but you can tell he's the loyal type and Mahiro is slightly dense (of course) and doesn't realize they're both in love with the other. Thanks to their scheming friends they're going to get some pretty handsy action going on and confess???
Lyssa Rating
Fluffy, wholesome, and spicy! Adorable.
FallApart23 Rating
5 stars because I have high hopes for the remaining chapters. Only 2 are out as I write this review
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