User Reviews For: Our Naughty Business Trip, Woking Overtime On My Colleague's Butt


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Shadowbody Rating
This isn't finished. It says it's complete, but it just stops. Another reviewer said that it was too fast paced and there's no clear line from point A to point B, when in fact there is no point B.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I feel like it is so fast paced. Like how did we get from point A to B? So far it is ok, but since there is no back story it doesn't make me feel attached to the characters. I saw another comment about non-con and I get it, but the mangaka definitely skirted around it. Not sure if you can call it that, especially if you look at what lead to it.
mythgarnet Rating
Non-con & blackmailing, seme is a jerk, ugh. Really disappointed with this.
otakujojo Rating
Ummmmm no. I thought it'd be like “oh no, I caught him getting off. But it's hot, I wanna do him” ASK FOR CONSENT OR AT LEAST KISS HIM FIRST INSTEAD OF JUST DIVING IN DXCK FIRST. like he literally walks in the room, sees the guy masturbating and puts his dxck in without giving it a second thought. Gross.
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