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Both guys have crazy quirks. One loves eating and one has Odaxelagnia. It gets strange at times, but it is honestly cute so far. The kids love for meat is so adorable too!
It is a bit all over the place at times, but it is cute and funny. I have enjoyed it so far and hope these two end up happy together!!!
I enjoyed this one. It does appear to have non-con in it at first, but if you stick it out it explains everything. It kind of has the same premise as The World's Greatest First Love by Nakamura Shungiku. Although it is not quite at that level, it is really good and the contrast in personalities makes it work. I also loved the extra story in it and think that would make a great full length manga as well. The artwork could use a bit of work with the feet, but that may be just cause I have a foot thing. I hate feet and for some reason in manga they are never well done.
It was definitely not what I was expecting...like at all. The story was kind of hard to follow at times. It very much was a horror/ mystery type story with random bl smut scenes thrown in. I would have liked to seen a better connection between the main characters. I felt there was no relationship built and they were just randomly running into each other. Also, there was a TON of noncon. Actually most of the smut scenes are noncon. It was original and funny though. I don't think I've ever read a mystery type bl before, so that was kind of cool.
So adorable and sexy. Any man who loves you for that long, waiting for you to finally notice them, is a keeper!! This is the best! Loved it!
I started out this series expecting the worst from all the reviews on the first part. I don't know what they were talking about. I am SO invested in Cole and Alex. Like if anyone messes with them, I will have some words. I hope it works out for them or my heart will honestly break. I know their relationship isn't the healthiest, but it is beautiful in its own way.
Can I have 10 stars??? So amazing!! I'm not even gonna deny my enjoyment in love triangles. Also, I am happy there were actual smut scenes with ALL three characters. Also, the story is sweet and heartfelt. It is worth it to buy.
I feel like it is so fast paced. Like how did we get from point A to B? So far it is ok, but since there is no back story it doesn't make me feel attached to the characters. I saw another comment about non-con and I get it, but the mangaka definitely skirted around it. Not sure if you can call it that, especially if you look at what lead to it.
I love the artwork of Iroha Usui. It is just unique and breathtaking. To top it off the stories are fantastic! I love this one so far because even though it has all the typical things yaoi lovers want, it is different. I love seeing two characters that are widely opposites learn how to fall in love. This is definitely a MUST! Also, check out "More Than Just The Physical" cause it is AWESOME as well!
Ok, so plot sounded ridiculous, but it was actually really funny and I enjoy it so far. There should be a non-con warning though, kinda sorta. I think it is worth checking out and the guys both look amazing in their glasses.
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