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I really enjoyed this. I cannot even explain the plethora of emotions on this one. Geesh.
Not sure how anyone gave this 1 star, cause it is awesome. Sure it is a bit cliché, but it is a great story and the two characters are super cute together. I do wish it was longer instead of just 6 short volumes, but there is definitely more than just smut (although there is a lot). It is worth the read!
I honestly want more. I feel like it should be longer or have more volumes. It is almost as if they were going to do that, but decided just to close it out. Overall I did actually really like it, but I just felt depressed at the end. The story should have gone another direction for sure.
Super cute and steamy! Definitely a must read!
I need more!! I LOVE this!!! They are the cutest together!!!
SILVA is a genius!! Sometimes when you have SO much smut, it is ALL smut. SILVA has a way of giving the juicy scenes and tugging at your heart strings at the same time. Not to mention the GORGEOUS artwork. I need spinoffs on some of those other hotties!! I was blown away again. I wish there were 10 stars!!
First volume is cute!! I cannot wait for more. These two are too cute together.
The second story was cute, but honestly after reading this I was like, "what was the point? What was this about?" I don't think it is really worth reading and the characters' faces were kind of strange to me. I dunno, it was OK, but nothing special. I wish they took the second story, gave it more depth and made it the main story.
I honestly really liked this. I wish there was more regarding Mr. Tojima's background and the mom's. Some events just happen without any back story. It doesn't really cause issue, it just would be nice to have. I really love teacher/student BL...makes it even more taboo. This pair is really adorable, especially since the teacher is the uke and is shorter. It is a nice piece. I wasn't super into it, but I wasn't not into it.
I honestly really thought this was cute. I sorta wish there was more to it though, cause it wasn't a very deep story. It is mostly fluff and smut. I wish it was longer as well. I'd say renting is worth it, but I wouldn't buy it.
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