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Volume 1 and I am hooked! That seme is GORGEOUS and the uke's personality so far is funny/cute! I am literally on edge waiting for more!!!
I seriously loved this story. The characters are so different, but they work together. I love how the seme sees right through the uke's fake personality and calls him out. You can tell he really loves him by noticing the little things. Although the story is not complex, it is a great story about just being yourself cause those that really care will love you no matter what.
Seriously is the CUTEST manga ever!!! I love both stories. It is really one story, but from viewpoint of two different couples. The childhood friends one is cute, but I honestly love the two teachers. They are just too funny and adorable together. I definitely recommend this!
So hilarious and cute!! Kanii was just extremely hot. I loved his "expressionless" personality too. Serious, but funny guys are the best. The relationship between the two characters was heartwarming and their dynamic was perfect. Although there was no real conflict in the story, it was great seeing their relationship evolve. It was a funny, sweet and steamy BL. I definitely recommend it.
Just beautiful! The ending of the main story was just perfect and the after story was too funny. I honestly loved it. Definitely worth it.
So awesome! I was a bit uncertain cause the cover art isn't great, but the art inside is fantastic. The story is a great balance of steamy and sweet. The characters had great back stories without dragging on. The plot was important and not just the juicy stuff. It flowed great and overall gets five stars.
Not the best. I'd honestly avoid it. No plot, no real smut...just not that great. Nothing really was explained properly or made sense.
So far it is pretty good. Not crazy about the artwork, but story is interesting.
It was really cute and funny. Definitely more of a light story.
Another great one!!! I cannot get enough of this series.
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