User Reviews For: Hana and the Beast Man [VertiComix]


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junior456 Rating
I love this manga so much!!! It's absolutely pure and sweet manga. Hana and Sana are so cute couple ever!
ToxicM00n Rating
The original black and white version of this story was already wonderful, but color takes this to an entirely different level of awesome! I love Sana's blue eyes so much. I'll be buying every chapter of this colored version to add to my library.
hapayon5 Rating
I bought the entire thing permanently cuz I love it so much, and there's a sequel that hasn't been officially translated as of yet that Im desperately hoping will get an official translation (or at least have original Japanese versions available to buy outside of Japan).You like smut with plot that actually makes sense in the context of the universe and the characters? You like gruff (not abusive) on the outside, soft on the inside love interests? You like ppl seeing systemic issues and then trying to help make structural changes to that system? *Slaps hood of car* this baby can fit all that and more.There is some mild dubcon between mc and love interest. That being said, it's a lot better than most manhwa/manga smut ive read, as the MC actually does want to have sex with love interest, and expresses that verbally.
Yuyalove1 Rating
Love this manga so much!!!!!!!!!
Jezbel Rating
I love this sweet and pure story
manganewbie Rating
The colored version of Hana and the Beast Man just makes me love this story even more!!! It packs a different punch and makes me appreciate all the details that Chihiro Yuzuki drew in the original manga that I didn't notice before now that I see it in color. The chapters are split into two in the verticomix format. For example, chapter 1 of the original manga is actually chapters 1 and 2 on verticomix. It's definitely worth it, in my opinion.
JenStensv Rating
Absolutely love this story really hoping for more !!!!!!
emma Rating
Is chptr 30 the last chapter?? I love this story line so much! ??
keksi Rating
Very nice story and art! I liked it a lot!
kenzi Rating
I love this heartwarming love story with great sex scenes! Got the black & white, & couldn't help but her the color as well. I only wish it were longer...?
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