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If you're into furries, virginal heroines, and steamy scenes in basically every chapter, then this manga is for you. It is a dubcon just as a heads up. However, I have read all three chapters out right now and have enjoyed them all! Looking forward to the upcoming chapters!
The multiple storylines in this tankobon were ok and the smut wasn't anything that I haven't seen before in other manga that were more entertaining. If I could do it over again I would just do the 48 hour rental period instead of purchasing it.
I've read up to chapter 11 and all I can say is that this story is dragging on. I get the FL's hesitations for not wanting to pursue the ML as he is younger than her and in HS, but he lives with her! I just don't know where this story is going. The artwork is nice and the dialogue is thought out, but it's a lot of money to spend on a storyline that has no clear direction. Not sure if I'll be reading the future chapters.
The colored version of Hana and the Beast Man just makes me love this story even more!!! It packs a different punch and makes me appreciate all the details that Chihiro Yuzuki drew in the original manga that I didn't notice before now that I see it in color. The chapters are split into two in the verticomix format. For example, chapter 1 of the original manga is actually chapters 1 and 2 on verticomix. It's definitely worth it, in my opinion.
This is my absolute favorite manga. It checks all the boxes:1) Steamy (censorship isn't too distracting and you can still tell what they're doing)2) Strong characters and side characters 3) Plot: believable and well paced4) Interspecies: Furries aren't my thing, but Sana the MC is one HOT BEASTMAN who epitomizes love, tenderness, affection, and generosity-inside and outside of the bedroom 5) Hana is a strong heroine who can stand on her own but is truly passionate about teaching, her relationship with Sana and the beast people. This manga is one that you'll be revisiting time and time again. I rented the entire series first and then realized how much I needed it in my life and so I purchased it too. My only wish is that the author made an extra chapter so we can see where Hana and Sana are now. Do they have kids? Are humans and beast people coexisting with each other in peace? Thank you author for such a lovely story!!!
I know this may sound petty but after purchasing all 25 chapters plus the bonus chapter...SPOILER ALERT: the MC never went down on the FMC. She gave him a bj TWICE and he did no such thing to reciprocate. Overall, the story is very good and the characters are both likable but I was pretty disappointed. I know sex isn't the main thing, but it certainly is a selling point for smutty manga IMO. I honestly thought that if he had done that for her, it would have been another way for the MC to demonstrate how he wanted to please the FMC as that was definitely part of the plot (although I am well aware that he demonstrated his love, care, and affection in multiple ways outside of the bedroom). After paying $50+ dollars for this series, I just wanted to give those of you who may expect/hope/want to see that sort of thing a heads up.
I regret purchasing this manga. The characters aren't very likable and as many have already noted this is a non-con, so I should have paid attention to their comments before paying my way through this series. Spoiler alert: the ending was a downer too?let's just say the cover of the last book had nothing to do with the relationship status of the couple.