User Reviews For: Ogus's Law [VertiComix]


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TomatoKah91 Rating
This is soo good! Half demons, pretty boys, really interesting premise with a dark, angsty undertone. Yes!
Lewvina Rating
This is my favorite so far from every thing that I've read on Renta! It just captivates you the moment you start reading. You need to know more. I love it!
r0lan Rating
Hits all the cliche tropes of slowburn and angst. However please be warned! You CANNOT download the webcomic to your bookshelf for offline reading if you buy it on the app bc its a VertiComix.Also, there is some INCONSISTANCIES in the later chapters from around chapters110s+; names have been localised (why???) and theres quite a few grammar errors too.Still recommend the read though!
BookCrazedMonkey Rating
This is a magnificent work, with gorgeous art (each panel is like a stunning piece of artwork), a high-tension slow-building story, and well-crafted intense characters. It is a joy to read and one of the best stories I've read so far. Cannot wait to read more!
peanut12 Rating
Good but they need to add more episodes
sassypixie2021 Rating
Very good. Lots of character development, some common tropes but very enjoyable. Good artwork
MadameofRoses Rating
The artwork is beautiful and the story is unique, as well as top tier. Absolutely worth the purchase!
Rman Rating
good pic and story:)
Iluvyourmom11 Rating
This is so good ??
Dimitri Rating
I loved the story line and the art style of this manga. I have recommended it to some of my friends.
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