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This was all kinds of super adorable! It's pretty fast paced, but the relationship is wholesome and it's all consensual with no real drama. Just a super fluffy read, with all the swooning and feel good heart flutters you could ask for. Nothing too deep, but seriously... just adorable.
Only the first chap, but this is hilarious so far. Slightly cocky MC, but he's super likeable! Also, looks like it's setting up for a love triangle - so bring on the drama!
This is already really cute and the MC and the love interest have already won me over. I can't wait to read more!
It's full of drama, I'm full of uncertainty (as to where this story is going plot wise) and the suspense is killing me! It's captivating, pulls at the heart strings and leaves me eagerly waiting for more.
Everything by Unohana is golden. I can guarantee if you've liked one of her stories, you'll like them all. I was hesitant to read this one, and I don't know why. Because I loved it. Two opposite personalities fall in love. It's touching, and bittersweet and gives all the feels. More please.
This is gorgeously illustrated, with a really interesting premise. It has a dark undertone, which gives bittersweet vibes. I'm loving the couple, I'm loving the story. Definitely recommend it!
Ok, so this is part of a series. And the series as a whole is great. We get to catch up with the different couples through out the different volumes, and all the relationships are different and interesting. The humour is laugh out loud good. Especially when you come across Norihisa/Wataru - I live for their banter! It's all just so delicious.
Ah! This is going in the direction I was hoping. I can't wait to read more, they're so adorable!
This is adorable! I'm in love with everything about this story. I've read it at least 10 times, so far. It's low on smut, has well rounded characters and is a slow burn romance. Ticks all the boxes for me. Also has the most wholesome relationship between two brothers. This sibling ship alone is everything!! It's all just too cute to handle.
Yes! I read After The Storm and loved it, and this has the same kind of bittersweet feel to it. But I loved it! Lovers reunited at last, is my all time fave trope and I can't wait to re-read. It pulled at my heart strings, it felt real.
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