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Daisy Rating
This is a slow burn and so cute . The teacher is a total simp and I love it. Can't wait for more
ClaireHaliSA Rating
I swear, I read the available chapters multiple times already...I want to know what happens next! lol But, while I'm waiting for an update, I'll leave a review! Kazunari Yanagi (the teacher) is really cute! His enthusiasm toward pop stars is understandable. His favorite pop star, Rikkun, is also cute! Although he acts confident as Star Compass's leader, he's different when he's not performing. Although BL age gap stories aren't my cup of tea, this manga is different. I can't help but support Kazunari and Riku! It seems that they have something else in common. I believe that several people perceived them as being normal and boring, but there is so much more to them. Riku's a hardworking pop star, and Kazunari is a hardworking teacher. Since they're both hardworking, I believe that they will complement each other well once they get together. Another thing I'd like to add is that the art style is cute and pretty. I admire Saki-sensei's style! Hopefully this manga will update soon!
Whateverthisis Rating
Super cute so far! Hoping for some more spice soon but it's definitely leading up to more! Not usually a teacher/student fan but the idol/fan thing does make it more interesting
Heavenly99 Rating
Really cute I like it so far
AYP58 Rating
Adorable!! Love the characters, they're too cute~
SadAsian Rating
Super cute!
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