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This was pretty good! Not quite where I expected things to go based on the cover but not totally jarring.First couple is cute (and super dependent on each other.) I love Hajime's look!! For the second couple I feel like I didn't get enough set-up to enjoy them as much so I didn't feel much of anything though I liked their designs... The flow of dialogue is kinda so-so sometimes in both but I still had a generally good time.FYI there is non-con in both and first story gets pretty sad. :( Hope you enjoy if this is your thing!
This story was so incredibly sweet and cute, a little spicy, and the dialogue, especially in chapter 5, was soooo touching... I loved this!!!!
cute story
This was so sweet, I was shocked! The two characters have fun personalities and the dialogue throughout is a great mix of cute, emotional, and comedic. The sex scenes were pretty fun too. I really recommend it!
Sadistic top with a bottom who imo pretty clearly starts off as an M instead of just being treated like one and putting up with it the whole story. This story is verrry dubcon toeing the noncon line to start with the way the younger one bullies his adopted bro, and there's no talking about their relationship till the very end as an fyi. If you can read that, this story has nice art and I did like some of the play they got into later on.
I really liked it overall! The main couple is suuuuuuper duper cute and charming and the art is pretty nice. I love their personalities and though they aren't full Switch it's still there which is great imo. The smut for them was very satisfying! Good dialogue and chemistry, and they're clearly enamored. Another user mentioned it already but I'll reiterate there is brief non-con towards the end involving one half of the main couple due to story circumstances. You'll be able to tell when it's about to happen and it's like three-ish pages. Still, I think the meat of the story makes it worth a buy!
I really liked this overall. I'd settle it as a comfortable 4.5~5. The story itself is very sweet and touches on themes of found family. MC himself comes from an orphanage and while nothing super bad happens in this one there are a few parts that come off as softly sad and thoughtful. Promise there's tons more sweet and happy stuff! In terms of warnings that aren't tagged, the first of the two sex scenes starts off while someone's sleeping. If you're okay reading that it's worth a go!
I'm really quite partial to stories about characters in this line of work since it's so tough, but even considering that bias I do think this was a good one. The twist halfway through I kind of anticipated, but I also didn't know it'd be exactly that, and thought they'd go a diff route. The characters are very sweet and I adore an earnest, honest, I-want-to-do-my-best kind of love. The energy from the friend amd guardian characters is sweet. The art itself is pretty nice and consistent too.
Loved the first story! The characters and dialogue were sooooo cute. The other stories were neat overall. Voice Fetish moves a little fast sex-wise but the characters are pretty cute all the same. I just kinda wish there was more time with them wirking on the voice anxiety. Really, it'd be great with its own full manga. Best Friend Zoned is kinda standard but the characters are still so sweet. I just didn't like how aggressive the Yoshiwara got in the Marshmallow story cause it was pretty non-con and that feels off in this cuter, first love type stories. It's a shame cause the characters were so cute otherwise... Speaking of, this site is great but definitely needs more detailed tags!Anyway the art is super great and really bumped up my enjoyment of the more dull BFZ one. Definitely worth a buy!
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