User Reviews For: A Scorching Hot Day with A Broken Air Conditioner If I Keep Having Sex with My Sweaty Childhood Friend...


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Ricelily Rating
I face palmed so hard when the guy asked “why does she have to wear such light clothing?!”….because it's goddamn summer and it's hot as balls outside, dingus. Have some self-control.It's a straight up, brainless, hentai plot. If that's your thing, by all means collect it all but I'm stuck with a bad buy.
peachypapi Rating
If you want straight up hot smut all the time, then this is for you. There is no story nor any background with the characters. Characters don't really have a special personality. Just a hot guy and a hot girl going at it. Every chapter is the characters having a sexual intimate moment. There is even the occasional cliche drama with the female and male lead getting jealous and no communication between the two and it can be frustrating. Other than that the two are pretty cute.
brown2016 Rating
i love it
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