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jadeblossom Rating
If I could give this a zero I would. Don't waste your money; I didn't even finish it and that is not something I do. Even if I don't like a story I give it it's due and I couldn't here. The first story has no actual plot. All the characters look similar since there is a weird shading wash out and between each story there's at least 15 pages of just pictures. I'm so happy this was a rental, I would've been outraged if I paid full price. Still upset but it's better then having paid full price. tldr: Not Worth It
GregorIAN Rating
I tried to write a review before. Don't know why they kicked it. A huge chunk of the page count is just random full-page spreads, so you don't get that much story. What story you do get is vapid and boring and everything jadeblossom said. Not worth it.
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