User Reviews For: The Best Fixation Match-Up -Our Unusual Relationship-


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thal707 Rating
The title for this manga seemed interesting and I'm glad I decided to check it out! The main character isn't looking for relationships as her past ones were terrible and her past time hobby of reading GL mangas helped her out during those breakups. Now having to go to a blind date that her boss setup changes everything when the man turns out to be a BL manga lover! So far the concept is really good and I'm excited to see how their relationship progresses in future chapters ???!
sanglech Rating
Very cute and fluffy title. If you are looking for something very light and cute to read I highly recommend this.
andiekae Rating
A decent series if you want some warm fluff. I wasn't sure where it would go with a starting premise like that but it was cute enough! I didn't personally feel super moved by the ending or anything like I usually hope to with romance manga but it's not the worst I've read. Overall an average read.
lalaland Rating
Omg, this manga is so frigin sweet I got a toothache. 9/10, would definitely recommend. It's a slow starter but it's so cute!
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