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I read this series from start to finish expecting just a cute and somewhat cliche romance. While the premise was a little silly, I really enjoyed how heartwarming and wholesome it ended up being! Some feel-good messages about healthy relationships, healing, and self-acceptance mixed with cute art and steamy scenes? Count me in! I'll definitely be rereading it!
The art is cute but that's about it. The characters don't get any development really, the plots moves so quick that it's hard to really feel anything about it. It doesn't feel like there's any real explanations or build up to the ending it just suddenly IS. I wouldn't spend the money on it.
This author does such a great job taking a superstition and weaving it into a realistic and heartfelt story about coming to terms with oneself and dealing with emotions. The art is great and nothing about the story feels too rushed. I adored this read and highly recommend it for some quality love manga feels!
The pacing, art, and emotions in this one are all top notch! Everything is a little more dramatic than real life because it's manga of course but it doesn't take away from the story at all! I love this one so much I've reread it several times hehe. Hope you enjoy!
I'm giving this three stars for the art and for likable characters but I was kinda disappointed in the plot execution. The summary makes it sound like it's going to be more episodic, with time spent on each encounter she has, maybe there's some more turmoil, basically that's it's going to be a lot longer. Not bad for some quick smut with a side of feelings but overall, eh.
Not bad but not amazing. A cute quick read to give you some butterflies but that's about it. The art and story feel a little all over the place but that could just be because it's such a short work. Probably would have benefited from stretching things out a bit but overall decent!
It moves pretty quick but it's a cute sexy short story! If you want a quick read that'll make you doki just a bit this is the one for you! 4 stars only because it seemed pretty rushed since it's was so short, definitely had potential to be extended.
There's only one volume and I already love it! The art is so cute and fits the feeling of the story really well. Neither main character is too bland and I definitely can't wait to see where it goes!
I'm not usually too into the teacher-student stuff because of the power imbalance but this one has a unique plot that makes it palatable. The art is a tad cutesy for me but it's entertaining enough and got me curious where it's headed. Can't wait for the next one!
If you want this purely for smut then it's a great, quick read! Otherwise, I wouldn't really recommend it. The story is very rushed and the cliche of it leaves it feeling pretty empty and emotionless overall in my opinion. There's not enough time to decide if you like any of the characters or care about what happens. It'll stay in my library, but only for the sexy bits lol.
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