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I absolutely love this series and I'm only 5 volumes in! While you have some standard shojo tropes, both characters are so unique, and work so well together! (Literally!) Both of them have hidden soft sides that come out around each other in the best ways. I can't wait to read more!
This story should really come with trigger warnings but I know Japan doesn't really do those so I'm here to help. The infidelity is at least broadcast by the title and summary, but I was not prepared for the many depictions of various forms of sexual assault. And I don't just mean like the typical forceful wooing into sex you see in hentai and seinen manga. There is legitimate crimes being committed on several characters. I really did want to see the MC get her revenge but I couldn't stomach a character being drugged and taken advantage of.The art is fine and it isn't just a story about cheating but BE WARNED if you are sensitive to anything mentioned above. Personally won't be finishing the series.
A unique premise that doesn't hide what it's trying to do. If you just want some quick, dirty fun to read then you'll get it. But the art… It just really didn't do it for me. It looks pretty amateur and as someone who's read a lot of manga, it got pretty distracting. I can appreciate that it's in color but that's about it. Also really not a fan of loli characters so that was a bit out of my comfort zone lol. If there are any other chapters I won't be reading them. Glad I just chose to rent this one.
The art is great, as with most manga run in PinkCherie, but I just… There was way too much dubcon in it for me. In the first chapter alone she outright rejects him and tries to say no several times but he forces himself on her and then blackmails her… Yikes. I'm sure it works for some people but if content edging TOO close to sexual assault isn't your tea, give this one a pass. Won't be finishing it myself.
Overall it's a fun story! The art is good, and the premise is fun. I think though if it's going to be short like this it should have committed harder to either being romance or being erotic, since there's not a ton of either interaction, at least to me. The ending is also very abrupt, and doesn't really wrap things up. I understand an open ending, but it just felt kind of like we wound up a bunch only for it to just say “eh, whatever you want I guess.” A solid read and fun story, I just wish the pacing was better!
Usually I don't write reviews after only one chapter because I like to give the manga a chance to develop, but I felt like I should this time. The art is nice and the premise is decent, though pretty basic as far as shojo goes. The big reason I'm giving this only 3 stars is the translation. There's a number of errors in the translation that are very distracting, at least for me, because of how obvious they are - missing letters, missing words, words that got shoved together. There's also some dialogue I think should've been made more localized because it just doesn't feel natural. I'm hoping some of this clears up in the coming chapters, but we'll see! If you're not as sensitive to those things as me, you'll enjoy this! XD
The plot is a fun twist on the story of a girl following a guy she loves to the same school/company/etc. and the art is really nice! I think we could've stood to see a bit more character growth in Tamaki getting more confidence or something, but that's just my opinion. Other than that the plot moves at kind of a breakneck pace so it's a bit rushed to me, but overall a very cute story with a good, happy ending!
A decent series if you want some warm fluff. I wasn't sure where it would go with a starting premise like that but it was cute enough! I didn't personally feel super moved by the ending or anything like I usually hope to with romance manga but it's not the worst I've read. Overall an average read.
Aahhh a sweet and wholesome shojo story with some good lessons to learn! This manga helped me through a tough time and I still reread it a lot. If you want to have some warm fuzzies to cute, full-color art, this is the story for you!
I've been reading this story for a while now and it's really good! I wasn't sure about how the concept would play out at first, but so far it's turned out well. The art is lovely and the characters are great. My ONLY complaint and the reason I'm giving this 4 stars is the translation/localization. I feel like it was pretty good at the start but I started to notice it's really off or awkward in some places, sometimes during the sex scenes. It really takes away from the dirty talk or emotional moments too, in my opinion, especially when we're getting people saying “your thing” or using third person to refer to themselves. Otherwise it's great, I'm definitely reading it to the end!