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ebookrenta0cciw6egp Rating
If you're unsure whether you'll be into this story, here's a few tidbits that might help: daigo doesnt express feelings through words, so at first he will seem pushy and really unpleasant. The way chiaki responds to him will at first seem like it's a noncon relationship, but I promise it isn't. The juicy sex scenes can be very... well it's a lot, and daigo will look almost emotionless and passive about feeling chiaki up and having his dastardly way with her. Until maybe chapter 5 or 6 he starts to reveal his feelings for her (not to her of course, gotta keep her guessing am I right?).If this is your favorite dynamic, you'll love this. Hands down one of the hottest stories I've rented. If you're not into this dynamic (because I'm sure not), consider giving it a chance.
Bunnione Rating
Love this, worth the ticket! Can't wait for more!
laniaash Rating
I didn't really enjoy the first chapters because I felt Daigo was too pushy, but somehow I'm still hooked. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship will progress.
cadavericspasm Rating
I'm a perve but man this guy is gross. I like an older, more masculine looking guy, but every encounter is very clearly nonconsensual for the at least first two chapters that I read. He also makes creepy comments about when she was a child so no thanks. If you're into age gaps and noncon then go for it but it's not for me.
Leatrixrmf Rating
Seriously - buy this one! It's got all the things I look for in a more adult manga - relatable characters, nice pacing and plenty of smut that makes you smile… ?
SqueezeBabe Rating
Really cute. Enjoying the story so far.
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