Bunnione's Reviews & Ratings

What a wonderful start, a soothing thirty glasses wearing what appears plain Jane and a hot ,good looking gentlemen . With a slight twist, this is refreshing and realistic. Can't wait for more!
I actually like this, it's worth the price of the ticket! Check it out if you don't like it you've wasted less than you would on a bad beverage. I can't wait for more!
Love this, worth the ticket! Can't wait for more!
I am so happy for the update! I've been waiting. This is a fantastic piece! Misunderstood romance, hot bits of smut peppered through. Breathless . I can't wait for more.
I have been following this since the author published! I adore this! Light, refreshing, charming and romantic. I truly can't wait for the next release! This is a breath of fresh air and beautiful. Story line flows, lovely illustrations! Thank you!
Hehe excited for more!
Wow! I love the art, the scenes are so nice & smutty.I dig the realistic story line, a thirty something strong willed woman & what real women face being strong.A gorgeous thirty something man not afraid to get down. Yayyy can't wait for more!
Just get it! Can't say it enough trust this is woohoo and yes!!! All over it!
Great start! Can't wait for what happens next!
I adore this! First chapter fantastic! Excited about new chapters.
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