User Reviews For: A Dangerous Warmth in His Gentle Touch


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sasaraRH Rating
So like most if not all manga on Renta, or just any story in general (nothing is original- it has all been done) However, this story, w/ its plot is well done due to the details. Details make everything. I love the way the characters develop (especially the MFC's), how the main female character and main male character interact, not to mention the way their relationship progresses, because it makes sense. (Plus they meet in a cat cafe! Love!) Everything is thought out and well done. Its not all about the H scenes (which hey, i get it, sometimes we're here just to read that, or sometimes we want plot)Well this manga has amazing plot, character development, is pretty funny (i think), has great art work, and is an overall well thought out and done story.If thats what you're in for and what you want, highly, highly recommend!!5/5 stars
kittenwaves Rating
This has been my favorite story so far. It's sweet with a slightly deeper storyline. Not as sexy as some other stories, but it works well with this one. Loved it!
laura123 Rating
It's a sweet story.if your looking for a spicy love it's not it.but the story is worth reading...
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