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I love this series & I'm probably the only 1 w/ this opinion (maybe- & spoilers as I've read ch.15) I want Kei w/ Minori. I think Mr. Hadano deserves to b w/ his ex girlfriend (tho thats just me.) Kei loves Minori & not just sexually, whereas thats all thats going for Minori & Mr. HadanoI love this series, it has amazing character development, fantastic art plus a wonderful storyline/plot.Mr. Hadano, drives me insane because he chooses work, but he does seem to care about minori. However, the way he shows it is thru a "work" capacity ... & sex.(Tho, those H scenes are fire & amazing!)Whereas Kei wants to take her out on dates, confesses his feelings & notices when something wrong.Anyway I can't wait for more & kinda hope this turns more into that love triangle/square & we get more amazing character development w/ that. I can't wait for more.If thats what u like highly recommendIf not & its the same old, same old- being its Renta- I'd say find something else to read that u like.
I dont why, but this series is totally hilarious to me.Our mfc gets probably an epic climax because she wanted to pet the mmc hair, since it reminded her of her dog. That is funny and leads to some interesting misunderstandings and a great segway into the next chapter. I love the story line/plot (given that nothing is ever really new/original on Renta, you get used to it), details are certainly different, love the art and already its got a great mix of funny and sexy H scenes. 10/10 in my book. But if not your cup of tea (as there is some non con and mfc seems to be a push over in the beginning, which im hoping for development- but only 2 chapters out currently, and already im seeing some slow, gradual development with the characters, hope to see more) then id say read something else thats more to your likes.However if you don't mind all that, and it checks all your boxes, highly recommend! Overall great series!
So like most if not all manga on Renta, or just any story in general (nothing is original- it has all been done) However, this story, w/ its plot is well done due to the details. Details make everything. I love the way the characters develop (especially the MFC's), how the main female character and main male character interact, not to mention the way their relationship progresses, because it makes sense. (Plus they meet in a cat cafe! Love!) Everything is thought out and well done. Its not all about the H scenes (which hey, i get it, sometimes we're here just to read that, or sometimes we want plot)Well this manga has amazing plot, character development, is pretty funny (i think), has great art work, and is an overall well thought out and done story.If thats what you're in for and what you want, highly, highly recommend!!5/5 stars
I love supernatural stuff, vampires especially. So mix that with hot romance, some interesting H scenes, some comedy, great plot, good character development and amazing art, and we have an amazing story imo.I love the story thus far and like both characters with how their relationship progresses (or seems to)I can't wait to read more, and can say for me its not the norm cliche (tho like with any plot ots not completely original either, however still great tho!!) As far as vampire stories go tho, definitely a read, seeing as it's not like the rest.Highly recommend if you want great art, plot, character development, and a promising story with a vampire!
That first chapter had me laughing. Im not a big person on those choose your adventure games (especially when it comes to romance paths- being that it leads to too much money, or really ridiculous scenarios that i wouldn't choose in general) anyway, this had me laughing because it was everything I was living for.Our main girl, who is the "villian" or supposed to be in story, is such a sweetheart, shy, softy. I just love her and her innocence. Like she is funny to watch, especially when she runs from our male lead. Also how she interacts with the other characters is hilarious. The whole dynamic of this is really entertaining and I can not wait to read more.This was a great first chapter. Great characters of the bat, and yes i can bet we'll see some cliche things (its a romance manga on renta, plus its about those video games, so its to be expected) but i am highly recommending this as it has great art, great plot, funny scenes, and more!If thats what u like, then u should read.
I love vampires! And when its a good vampire manga, that's just the cherry on top. I love the two characters. The fml is really cute, spunky, and sweet. Plus i love when a different take on vampires is given (not the same old same old) It still might be a bit cliche (but you're going to find that in all the manga here, since nothing is ever original. And im okay with that, if you're not....well don't know want to say?) Anyway this is still a really good first chapter and i can't wait for more. Recommending if this is what you like, with vampires not fitting the norm, cute characters (thats what it seems to start off with), great art style/work, and what seems to be like a good plot/story line. Im excited!
Its cute, has the H scenes and tho expensive on the chapters, i love the story. Simple (for some cliche, but it works) it has a 5/5 for art work, plot, characters, all of it. Read it if you want some a simple story line, some great art style, and hot H scenes!
I love this series. Its cute, has well developed plot and characters. Its starting to get really deep with the mmc. Oru is really cute, and being that she is short, called out for being younger than her age, loves fashion, she's focused on work and doesn't have a "little" girl body, she reminds me of me. Love it. I absolutely love the story and how it's developing as mmc admires oru so much, wants to work with her and its great.Sadly, still tired of the trope of the girl being great at everything, independent, but having no home- economics skills, however, what can you do? Still rating it 5/5 as its great and wanting it to update soon, plus highly recommend!
I like this series. Its cute and has a nice flow. The characters are likable, plus i love how the FL is, being that shes a bit clumsy, sweet, helpful and such. The story plays out fairly well based on the description, and has some interesting twists that made you want to keep reading. I like the art, and find it nice compared to some other art styles that have made it difficult to even want to read some series. That said i rank this a high 4.5 or 4.8/5 stars for plot, characters, art, and some nice H scenes that don't disappoint.I recommend it and hope it updates soon.
I love Miku and Minato's relationship, i want more updates its so hot and good! Plus how the ML's friends and even Miku's own brother mess with her is hilarious!! Love everything about the plot, characters, amazingly hot H scenes and art. Im hoping if it updates soon we get to see Miku pursue her dreams as well given she can easily be a novelist with her overactive wild imagination (i connect with her to much on that end ^///^) i love the series and want more! Hope it updates soon, as i highly recommend!!
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