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After reading the entire series i can honestly say it is amazing & worth the read. There're some reviews that had me suspicious bcus they warned dont read after ch.12 or 13, & i was like is there really no plot or storyline left...well there is some, the fact is by ch.13 there r still some unanswered questions that i am so glad got cleared up in the end. Granted the later chapters i feel rush the new antagonist just a bit, but this is a phenomenal read & i highly recommend it.There r so many great things besides the hot H-scenes, which let me say cold glass of water please, hoo, anyway this is an amazing, well thought out story line. The characters r so great & well developed, the art style is fantastic & the issues, plot, themes & everything brought up in this story is well planned & plotted. If u want a great read, w/ hot scenes, great storyline, character development, this is ur story! The entire thing.Enjoy & again highly recommend!
It definitely provides yhe H that you want to read, although i can't wait to read how it will progress in the story. The MC seems interesting with her personality and traits, and the mmc seems to be the one who i can't wait to see how he'll develop in the storyOverall would recommend and hope it updates soon
Its cute, a bit rushed plot rise, and kind of that quick H fix your looking for among the mfc and mmc. It's not bad, however if you're looking for a great plot, probably not the story you want. Its still cute as the art work is great and the characters are enjoyable, plus the H scenes are well done. I recommend this if you just need a short H story about sex, vampires, and some funny commentary here and there, with a some what plot. It's still good in my opinion, but if this just doesn't float your boat then, this probably isn't your story and you probably wont like it. Hope this helps :)
Omgosh yess!! If your looking for hot H scenes, romance and a thoroughly worked out and fantastic plot, this is your manga!! I love it so much! The art style is amazing, the characters and their development so well done, and the sex, hot, sensual, romantic and on point! Highly recommend this, fabulous read and one you won't forget!!
This series is one that definitely has some interesting vibes that depending on your tastes can make you say yay or nay. For me, I love the dynamic of the characters and the story and want it to progress further. The mmc is really something and shows not he is a sadistic teaser to the mfc, but also does have a heart where it counts. And the mfc her growth is gradual but there especially in her relationship with the mmc and her feelings. I personally love the story and would recommend it to anyone interested in this kind character format and genre, however I can also see why others might not like it from the forcefulness and sexual teasing of the mmc to the somewhat predictable storyline. I am still giving it five stars tho, as it definitely gives the smut you need, the art is well drawn, and for me I personally like the characters and story. So recommended. Hope it updates soon!! And is long read as I wish to see how the story progresses.
Omgosh first review!! Yay, but now to business, shall we... this freaking hot as hell!!!! Ooooo!!! *fanning myself * talk about look out for the quiet ones, main guy is a freak who gets the main girl hot, the main girl is amazing personality wise (I connect with her so much) but, uh, so hot, the H scenes are great, and just, can't wait for more. Highly recommend. Great first chapter. Oooo
This is a cute and sweet series. Personally I think it ends a bit too quickly for my tastes plus there are some things that are still left unanswered which is why I give it 4 stars, however it is still a good series, that is well drawn, colored might I add, and i like the characters. It might not be for everyone this type of romance and plot, but I like it, just wish it maybe was a tad longer like 5 or 6 chapters (which if where being honest would be 10 or 12 since theres two in each ch you buy) but overall I recommend it
This series is too short damnit!! I love it so much!! It is so hot, funny and just, mmm, good. Yusuke is the best, teased himari like amazingly, and it's a great read. I just wish it was longer, it ends too fast, I want more!! I need more, these two are so great and I just need more of this story and plot, and their characters. Plus I love the art style! Definitely recommend, just really wish it was longer.
Meier is our(my yaoi fangirl inner geek!!) I love her so much in ch one because she ships Seiji (king) with everyone but herself. Its amazing. [Spoilers] even tho he screws her, she still is so caught up in her yaoi fantasy dreams, shes just like "nah your not straight, you gay and I approve it so much! What you do to me is not the real deal, your really a bottom." I just cant. I'm laughing too much. I love her so much. This series is freaking hilarious and amazing, I just can't. Read it, it's great, ugh, I love the main girl( I connect with her too much I think)
This is an interesting and addictive series. After the first few chapters I was hooked. I kept wanting to read more and more and the sex scenes dont disappoint. The art style is great, and thus far I love the way the plot is progressing, however I only wish that the main guy be a bit more curious of Taroa. (Just for my sake) as that would make things progress so much further and make things way more interesting than they already are. Anyway I recommend this, and I just wish they update it more frequently and with a lot more chapters as I need this so much that I didn't realize. Its that addicting to read.
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