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Its cute, has the H scenes and tho expensive on the chapters, i love the story. Simple (for some cliche, but it works) it has a 5/5 for art work, plot, characters, all of it. Read it if you want some a simple story line, some great art style, and hot H scenes!
I love this series. Its cute, has well developed plot and characters. Its starting to get really deep with the mmc. Oru is really cute, and being that she is short, called out for being younger than her age, loves fashion, she's focused on work and doesn't have a "little" girl body, she reminds me of me. Love it. I absolutely love the story and how it's developing as mmc admires oru so much, wants to work with her and its great.Sadly, still tired of the trope of the girl being great at everything, independent, but having no home- economics skills, however, what can you do? Still rating it 5/5 as its great and wanting it to update soon, plus highly recommend!
I like this series. Its cute and has a nice flow. The characters are likable, plus i love how the FL is, being that shes a bit clumsy, sweet, helpful and such. The story plays out fairly well based on the description, and has some interesting twists that made you want to keep reading. I like the art, and find it nice compared to some other art styles that have made it difficult to even want to read some series. That said i rank this a high 4.5 or 4.8/5 stars for plot, characters, art, and some nice H scenes that don't disappoint.I recommend it and hope it updates soon.
I love Miku and Minato's relationship, i want more updates its so hot and good! Plus how the ML's friends and even Miku's own brother mess with her is hilarious!! Love everything about the plot, characters, amazingly hot H scenes and art. Im hoping if it updates soon we get to see Miku pursue her dreams as well given she can easily be a novelist with her overactive wild imagination (i connect with her to much on that end ^///^) i love the series and want more! Hope it updates soon, as i highly recommend!!
Its a good story, i wont say cute as there are quite a few aspects that can be offputting- especially since its kinda going into the sexually dark underground of the industry. Its the type of read you have to be pretty open to as there is some non-consensual moves, cheating, and as stated leaks to the sexual underground of the industry. Im putting a huge beware for readers as it can certainly make some uncomfortable. However it's still a good read imo, and i liked reading it. I was hoping it be longer as i enjoyed the plot, storyline, character development & art immensely. Plus yhe ML and FL are really cute together. So I recommend it, but just beware.
I love this series and need more updates!! It is jot, there's gender bend, openness, BL, hot ass three-somes, and the characters are beautifully drawn!! The H scenes, talk about needing a ice cold water- so damn hot!! Granted i have read to the most current ch, and i really hope the three-some not only stays, but Alto chooses to find a way to be a girl. Spoilers- i think he wants to be with the knights and actually enjoyed being a girl. That said i also love that Lloyd and Lune were so accepting of their feelings for just Alto and loved him/her. I want more updates ASAP. Its a great read(although if you don't like BL, three-somes, or gender bends- this probably isn't for you) however i highly recommend and give this 10/5 stars if i could. Its my favorite as i love the art style, the storyline, character development and everything about this series! Enjoy.
I wasn't sure how i felt about this manga at first, then as it progressed in the first chapter, i was hooked. I love the dynamic between the characters, the storyline thys far, and the development. I also love the art, plus the H scenes don't disappoint. The FL is independent, stubborn, hard working and awesome (given her few flaws in home economics- which i really wish wasn't a trope, but what can you do) however the ML makes up for those flaws and even more makes up for a few other things that i won't spoil. I like the progression of their relationship and cant wait to read more!Highly recommend!
Its an interesting manga. Very fast paced-like some one shot/mini series you read whether thats manga, FF, etc. W/ that said i didn't mind the fast pace because it worked out really well for the plot & storyline. However, i can only give this 4 stars because it feels like there is something missing from this short series. Not sure exactly what, but u can kinda just tell.Although, it's a cute story. I love how the FL is & her interactions w/ the ML. I love that they're childhood friends reconnecting & just going w/ the flow of things that life throws at them.(As said the storyline & flow of the manga works out very well)i just wish maybe it was longer, or perhaps better fleshed out especially w/ some of the flashback scenes. I would still recommend this as it provides the H scenes u want, a simple & nice storyline, plus some very chill & easy flowing characters. I love that the ML really cares for the FL & there is mutual consent between the two. Its a 4 to 4.5/5 star worthy read.
Okay have to be honest here, this is a good read, and i can be open minded, but that first chapter was sooo uncomfortable & creepy. Like i said i can be open minded & push through which i did(reason for 4 stars) but this could have been a 5 star for me if not for that first chapter! They are strangers & he is sexually harassing her, plus threatening her, umm redo please! If it had started differently or maybe even fleshed the first chapter out a bit more with some other chapters i think it could've been a 5 star manga.Now with that said it actually is a good story after, with funny aspects, great H scenes, well thought out plot &character development. Plus the art is awesome to.So i would recommend this manga, however beware that first chapter (especially if your the type to get triggered easily or really uncomfortable with ML forcing themselves on the FL, this probably isn't for you)For me, after the first chapter, its a great story and worth the 4 stars.
Okay I'm going 2 b honest, when I first saw this manga I didn't want 2 read bcuz I'm not a big yuri fan; love yaoi, harems, love & those types of manga, but never got into yuri. However after reading the description & some reviews, my interest became peaked. & i couldn't have been happier. This manga is so brilliant & beautifully drawn, the plot & character development is amazing, plus i wont even get into the great H scenes. I love gender bends, & the fact Shizuka is so open & awesome w/ Ryuo, makes for an amazing read.I highly recommend this 4 any1 2 read as it shows a great relationship, cute scenes, passionate love, & amazing plot that i can't stop reading & desperately want more.(I even binged read this & dont regret it)Please read this phenomenal manga, even if some aspects aren't ur forte, this really is a great read, & u wont regret!Cant wait 4 updates, including w/ the anime, which was so happy 2 have watched that too, gah im just in love with this series!Well done!!
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