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cowynet Rating
This series is seriously underrated! If you enjoy funny, heartwarming, erotic, unique storyline of classical RPG isekai theme and unexpected plot twist you might love this manga. I personally hooked with the story and the art, and in the end I bought the untranslated manga chapters and the completed web novel, so I already knew the ending and very very excited to see the rest of manga chapters! If you hesistate with the story development, I can't say much but trust me it's really good! The original author is very good creating unique story with engaging characters , humor, and erotic scene then you will be surprised with the plot twist. Maybe this is the best novel adapted BL novel I read so far. The artist take the work seriously and the scene in novel beautifully crafted in superb artwork. The style of art is very anime style but suprisingly s/he also master at steamy scene! The art in manga waaay better then the art in novel. This series should be more popular worldwide.
ebookrenta0hxz0sov0 Rating
I really enjoy this series so far and am excited to see where it goes but my only complaint is that at the end of chapter two I felt like they were saying that a woman was only job was to be a homebody and wait on her husband hand and foot. This is completely not true at all well, that what I felt like was being covered it just might be me tho. but I think they could have handled that beater.
Lioncourt180 Rating
Just read the first chapter. I liked the art and the story doesnt seem bad.
SadAsian Rating
Super cute!!! I can already say I love this and its only one chapter in so far. Highly recommend <3
JustSomeByStander20 Rating
It's super cute. ??
Yeon Rating
This story was very fun to read. I loved how the prince is narcissistic, but it's done in a way that it's not annoying, but rather endearing. It's made me laugh a couple of times and the scenes are very nice.
Otaku523 Rating
I love the art and the plot. There's so much fluff and tasteful mature scenes. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Ko Rating
The main character and the male lead are so cute together. I love the story, but I wish there were more chapters.
BLisLife Rating
Love it!, I rented it but I might go back and buy it. It's so good the art and the story are both great 10/10 I can't stop reading.
BrendaSoto Rating
Love the art style and the flow of the story is to my preference. Will continue to read it or reread depending on when the story ends. ?