User Reviews For: My First Time: Rough Sex with a Blond Delinquent!


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luvcoffee10 Rating
The story is ok a little boring if you ask me. Plus the art isn't great all the characters look the same. It's hard to tell the difference between the main characters and side characters. Not so good of a purchase.
laniaash Rating
The whole “shy girl with glasses” and bad boy pair is just my thing. Definitely a read if you like that dynamic.
HisaOoshala Rating
Ok, so he's only a delinquent because he didn't finish high school because he needed to start working to support his mother and little brother. He's super responsible, totally respectful, and completely devoted to her. They've had thing for each other since high school, where she was great everything except Home Ec, which was his best subject. They're super in love, and it makes for some steamy smut! Extra points for their functional relationship and open communication. The arts a little choppy, but it's not so bad; kind of works. This is definitely going places. Highly recommend.
Butterfries97 Rating
I definitely love the "hot bad boy and shy girl" combo. Plus the plot is decent and the art is great!
thewritinggirl Rating
SO CUTE I've finished it and I'm smiling so much oh my goodness I'd 1000% recommend it and I'd give it more stars if I could. The art is good, not great but still good. As for the story, Mako and Souchi are just so perfect, they're not naive or oblivious like some other characters in other manga's are. There's no unnecessary over-the-top drama and the smut scenes are hot. It's such a sweet story about the development of their relationship and it's clear how much they love each other, so if you're a sucker for romance then this is the one for you.
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