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SO CUTE I've finished it and I'm smiling so much oh my goodness I'd 1000% recommend it and I'd give it more stars if I could. The art is good, not great but still good. As for the story, Mako and Souchi are just so perfect, they're not naive or oblivious like some other characters in other manga's are. There's no unnecessary over-the-top drama and the smut scenes are hot. It's such a sweet story about the development of their relationship and it's clear how much they love each other, so if you're a sucker for romance then this is the one for you.
Adorable, absolutely adorable and very very hot. These guys are perfect. It's the classic evolution of a relationship, then a bit of angst followed by forgiveness and love. Perfectly executed, definitely worth buying.
Usually it's one guy who seems to have sex with every girl he sees, so this manga being a girl who has sex with loads of guys is oddly refreshing. I know she's a girl that used to be a guy but still, quite refreshing. There's a bit of teacher x student, threesomes, outdoor, indoor, forced, consented- honestly it has it all. You could argue that it doesn't have a plot because it's just constant sex...
It turned out to be truly adorable I must admit. I think that perhaps a lot happened in the last few frames that could've easily been longer without dragging it out? But all in all it was good, he has trouble connecting with his emotions, she finds herself getting lost in hers... I know that sounds quite cliché but honestly it's worth the read, I'm glad I bought it!
I am so hooked, I need so much more, Sei is so unbelievably hot and Mahoro is so sweet, they're so in love and it's AMAZING and HOT and SWEET I love it
It was pretty good, I was toying between 3 and 4 stars but I think it's worthy of 4. It's a case of the two main guys figuring out their feelings for each other and then having to deal with one of their exes. Pretty simple but still enjoyable! And the art is VERY pretty!
It was cute but not much went on. The characters were cute but there was potential for more of a story even in just five chapters. There's was also only one smut scene which was over in a couple of panels. The art was sweet though, and I liked it but I didn't love it
This was really enjoyable, I loved it, it was humorous too and the smut scenes were hot and plenty. The only thing was that in the last three or so chapters a hell of a lot of drama went down but it was all solved so quickly! I would've much preferred it if they wrote a little more because the drama seemed intense but it was over in a flash, and the whole thing ended super abruptly. But most of it was great!!
This was so cuuuuute!!! The art wasn't really my style tho, and there was smut but only one moment when they went all the way but it was just too adorable. Absolutely loved it and it made me smile. It's quite short tho which is annoying, I'd happily read a second book about these guys.
Loved it loved it LOVED IT!! Despite each story being short you somehow get to know the characters and their situation, and I like how the first two stories are connected. It's a little goofy but in a good way, it doesn't interrupt the smut and make it cringey, the smut is quite hot and the storylines are great. Would definitely recommend buying it.
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