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SO CUTE and that ending was so perfect!!! Both MCs are great characters, and Jin is my favourite because he's funny as well. This series is full of fun, romance and smut. Truly worth the points!!
LOVE THIS - All the work I've read by this author has been amazing, and this is just perfect. I'm not usually a fan of fantasy yaoi but this was great! Perfect amount of love, heat and angst. Would definitely recommend!!!
I honestly got a bit tired of it, it was repetitive and dragged out for a bit too long. The mc seemed to cry all the time and there was just so many unnecessary comments and moments. It was just a little messy which for me caused the rest of it to fall apart.
Absolutely incredible, I would recommend this a million times over, the characters are amazing and their love is so strong. Just utterly brilliant and definitely worth buying.
This is great, the art was quality and the storytelling was brilliant, there was lots of love, the only two things I'd say was that it was a very quick story, it had the potential to be longer and I wish there was a little angst. Despite that though it was steamy, cute, great relationship, full of love
It felt very slow I can't lie, then it escalated very quickly at the end and then bam, it was over. Not as great as I was hoping, and the art wasn't that detailed BUT it was still cute and fluffy so it had that going for it.
The story was great, it was sweet and funny in places, the two MC's having difficulties with their feelings and the art was hypnotising!!! The only thing is that I admittedly expected more smut... But I'm still gonna give it 5 stars because everything else was very enjoyable
Pretty enjoyable, both MC's are cute although I did feel sorry for Riku from time to time... Also not really that hot, the only smut was at the end. The story was fun, it had a bit more potential but it was still good and a great balance between fluff and angst. Drawing is impressive too. All in all I liked it.
Very enjoyable, I really loved it! It was sweet and well paced, they don't immediately dive into smut. In fact there wasn't too much smut but when there was it was VERY hot. Characters are so good, art is beautiful and it was the perfect length. Nothing unnecessary was added but it wasn't too quick either. All in all it was just right
It was pretty good, the story is the classic going from hating to loving kind which despite it being cliche I love. There were elements of the story that were undeveloped and it ends very abruptly. There's barely any smut too. Also the art makes some of the characters look very similar
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