User Reviews For: Nanase the Idol's Omega Secret


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Pony Rating
Love the art work and storyline is a little different so keen to see where it goes.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Just kinda meh. The art is nice, but the typical lightsaber penises make me sad, and I didn't find the characters to be particularly interesting or complex, everything felt cliche and boring. I bought all the chapters and didn't even bother reading them all; I wish I had rented them.Trigger warning for very clear assault/noncon in the beginning.
wert Rating
The main character gets assaulted in the first 20 or so pages and then when the ml doesn't decide to assault him while he's in heat, suddenly it's “he's not like those other alphas” blah blah. Also it gets pretty annoying once you realize all the characters have same face syndrome. It's an ok read if you turn off your brain but it's just not worth this much money if you get this quality of effort, or lack there of.
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