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Well written, good art, good story, and a CRUEL tease! I can't believe the ending after all that buildup...Maybe rent it first to see if you disagree and like that ending, but I was very frustrated.
Ok smut at the very end, but the story gets really dumb in the middle, then doesn't really resolve anything, just kind of handwaved it all. Also almost noncon for those of you who want to avoid that sort of thing.
Very cute, very sweet, but zero smut.
very cute and well written, but there is zero smut. I loved the translation notes at the end! Very neat. Feels closer to the fan translations I love to read, so A+ there. Definitely worth renting to read a cute story, not worth buying though.
Super, super adorable and well written, but basically no smut.
Suuuuper smutty, and no lightsabers?!?! A miracle! One of the stories is twincest, and another is straight up noncon and a bit disturbing too, but eh, the rest of it soooo good that I'm very glad I bought this and I know I'll reread most of this many times.
Not well written, bad pacing, uninteresting characters. I really regret buying this.
I've already re-read this one several times, and absolutely love it. It's funny, the characters are really well written, it's wonderfully smutty, just an absolute excellent read all around. Warning though for kinda dubcon?
Cute, funny, a bit weird, and sexy. An absolute delight.
Truly meh. Art is fine enough, but the story is flat, rushed, and completely predictable. No build up or anticipation, characters are boring, smut was nearly non-existent.
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