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I thought this was a great short story, a quick and enjoyable read.
cute, good characters, not smutty enough.
really meh, plot and characterizations super rushed and shallow and boring, and very light on smut for most of it. There were a couple of cute and funny moments, though.
Whew, that was absolutely smoking hot. Well written, great characterizations, A+ all around. There were maybe two spots where I would have made small tweaks (like, safe word FIRST) but whatever, I know I'll read this one over and over, it's so great.
It could have been good, but the writing is weak and the story needs some improvement.
the fourth one is already out in Japanese, please translate it doooooooog this story is SO GOOD
This was hands down the best thing I've read in a while. The characters are so amazingly well written, the dialogue is hilarious and sweet, and the sex is hot. Perfect read, beginning to end.
I really wanted to like this, the premise was super interesting, but the dialogue is just awful, and personally I like more enthusiastic smut. I really dislike the extremely common trope of the uke saying they don't want something and the seme doing it anyway. Noncon is fine, but I don't like it in romance stories.
This is EXACTLY PERFECT, soooo hot, so sweet, I'm crying and it was amazing and I'm gonna go start at the beginning and reread it all right on omg my heart, and... lower. Everything is happy right now.
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