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This is definitely my new #1 favorite manga on Renta!! Hot and steam AND sweet and cute. The art and the facial expressions are just so amazing, the writing is solid, and the last chapter was PERFECTION. Bummer about the usual lightsabers, and dubcon warning if that bothers you.
The story was really 'meh' and never interested me. The characters seemed flat and annoying, and there's nearly no smut at all, just one quick jump to things in media res, then cut away again. All the writing seemed fast and... half baked, if you'll pardon the pun.Maybe rent it.
I have lost count of the number of times I've re-read this one! It is definitely one of my most absolute favorites. I really wish they would translate more by Taki!Warning, definitely some dubcon moments, very much in the usual Japanese yaoi style.
Lots of hot smut, ending seems a bit too well wrapped up considering what basically everyone here needs is a decade of therapy, and at the verrry end I did kind of end up feeling bad for reiji, though he's still a tool, but just so very, very broken. I understand that these stories are expected to have happy endings, so the Arthur just handwaved everything, but probably would have been more believable if it had more of a tragic ending.
Perfection, beginning to end!! Writing is stellar, the art is lovely, and plenty of excellent smut.(warning, one dub/non-ish con scene, of course, I guess. At least this one didn't bother me too much)Continued sad noises for all the lightsabers, I wish Caramel would change over to the same style that some other publishers use that isn't a complete whiteout.
Overall pretty good, but I thought from the synopsis that this would be smuttier than it was, so I'm a bit disappointed.
cute story, very lovely art, funny, but there's zero smut.
Oh, yesss. And a new favorite is born. Both stories are absolutely delightful. Art is fantastic, writing is the same, and the smut is smoking hot. A+, gold star, so glad I bought this one, as I know I'll re-read it many times!
The premise was sooo promising, but the art is subpar and the writing is hackney, so I literally didn't even finish reading the whole thing because I got so bored with it I gave up.
Perfect smut, though I'm sad about the lightsabers, it's still incredibly hot.
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