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MioAkiyama Rating
very good detective plot, when I first read the JP version I was taken aback by who was the real mastermind. I'm so glad that ENRenta decides to pick this up officially and translate it into English.10/10 for smuttiness 10/10 plot10/10 charactersNeedless do I need to say more? Pick and read it! Let's gooo~~
xiaa Rating
I love this mangaka's omegaverse series, but I was surprised to find a book by her here! This is a murder mystery drama but the main couple have an interesting dynamic. The art is beautiful, and the bottom soooo slutty. I bought this book in hopes they bring her older books over, but who knows if that'll ever happen. I recommend this if you're in the mood for something a bit more serious, but still with a 'happy' ending.
Sunnymaiden Rating
Love it!! Very sexy and well written story line. Hope to see more of Keri Kusabi's manga in the future!!
Leatrixrmf Rating
Loved it! This is the sort of thing I've been hoping to find on Renta amongst all the other titles. It has a strong story with interesting MLs who are not perfect with one ML being the strong silent type while his partner is a bit of a man whore. Yes there is a bit of dub-con which may put some off, but I enjoyed the well-developed crime story and the supporting characters. I suspect this is a one-off by the mangaka, but it would be great to see a sequel, if they ever get around to it. Renta - please put more of this mangaka on the site!
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