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MioAkiyama Rating
very good detective plot, when I first read the JP version I was taken aback by who was the real mastermind. I'm so glad that ENRenta decides to pick this up officially and translate it into English.10/10 for smuttiness 10/10 plot10/10 charactersNeedless do I need to say more? Pick and read it! Let's gooo~~
xiaa Rating
I love this mangaka's omegaverse series, but I was surprised to find a book by her here! This is a murder mystery drama but the main couple have an interesting dynamic. The art is beautiful, and the bottom soooo slutty. I bought this book in hopes they bring her older books over, but who knows if that'll ever happen. I recommend this if you're in the mood for something a bit more serious, but still with a 'happy' ending.
Leatrixrmf Rating
Loved it! This is the sort of thing I've been hoping to find on Renta amongst all the other titles. It has a strong story with interesting MLs who are not perfect with one ML being the strong silent type while his partner is a bit of a man whore. Yes there is a bit of dub-con which may put some off, but I enjoyed the well-developed crime story and the supporting characters. I suspect this is a one-off by the mangaka, but it would be great to see a sequel, if they ever get around to it. Renta - please put more of this mangaka on the site!
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