User Reviews For: Sleep with him for the first time in 20 years.


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
More please!!!! Two former lovers that were high school classmates are now reunited after 20 years. The seme has been a major ho while his first love was married to a woman. But now his ex is divorced and he wants to see if his unrequited feelings will change if he sees his former flame has aged poorly lol! Sucks for him because he looks even better than before!! Hoping part II will have the uke's pov from the last 20 years!! Art is gorge!! And I am digging stories about older guys and we get two meganes!!! Rejoice!!!
unless Rating
Not my cup of tea. I personally dislike sexual violence that completely happens out of nowhere.
ebookrenta04mganvl6 Rating
Really good so far
Renshel13 Rating
I love a good Tsundere bottom story
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