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Chiara692005 Rating
So, I saw the anime, bought the DVD (the uncut version) and watched it a hundred times as I simply ADORE this manga. I have the paperback manga in Japanese & I can understand only the simplest sentences of it, as my Japanese is not that good so far, even though I'm learning it, and so now I am SO HAPPY that I found this manga translated into English on Renta. Thank you Renta!! This is absolutely one of my favorite Yaoi manga. The story is sweet and super hot, both characters are sexy . I won't spoil anything, don't worry. It's really WORTH reading it . I can't really get enough of it, I keep re-reading it .....
canoodles Rating
I like this story and enjoy how cute the son is but the translations are sub par. There are some grammatical errors and misspelled words. The dialogue did not match the bubble in one early chapter where Ichika is petting a stray cat. Is the kid's name Daiki or Daichi? Who is "Keiichi"? Chapter 24 has one panel "I had a threesome". WHAT?!
erowe Rating
This series is so lovely. I'm only 12 chapters in and it just tugs at your heart strings! Naruse & Asumi are so precious together, I love how they long for each other and little Ichika is so cute! They're a precious family and I hope the best for them~
swtkali Rating
I love the story! I watched the anime as well and wanted to know more of what comes next so I decided to read the manga. Can't wait to see what happens next to this family of three.
toomuchmanga Rating
I really love this story!! The beginning starts out kind of awkward, but overall it's a super cute, fluffy, hot story! And I totally adore Ichika, what an adorable kid!! I'm glad I gave this manga a chance. It's worth every penny to me, personally. I will admit the translation can get a little confusing sometimes, but I won't base my rating on that, because the story is great and the translation is fine for most of the manga.
katiefry Rating
I absolutely love it!! I can't wait to see what comes next!
Heavenly99 Rating
One of the cutest and well drawn stories I have read I loved it!
Atlasy Rating
Is it hot? Yes, very much so. But I don't like the black haired character, his pushiness makes some situations go into dub con territory. If that's to your taste, you'll like this a lot. The dad is hot and sexy af and the child is adorable as can be. I had high hopes this would go into wholesomeness straight off the bat but I'm not seeing much of that two chapters in. There is room for that to happen.. I'll be back when the story is complete to see how it's resolved