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I just read the 2nd chapter and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I need a chapter 3, I hope there is one. The pig is so cute and dedicated, the Nian monster isn't completely honest about his feelings but actions speak louder than words. I need a 3rd chapter. But the ending in this one is adorable too
Just read ch. 3 and I cannot wait for the next chapter. See is so cute and the twins were a little pushy at first but quickly backed down when the MC drew boundaries. It was refreshing to see that and now theyre going at the MC's pace. They're so adorable, I can't wait to see what will happen
It should be more than telling that every review is 5 stars. It's 100% worth every penny. The character development was realistic and well paced, the art was gorgeous, and it was such a beautiful story with trust, healing, love and of course, snu snu, that I know I'm going to be re-reading this story many times. Buy it
It's cute and at one point made me tear up but it was so worth it. It was deeper than I was expecting from the title and the story flowed well. The characters were adorable and the way they resolved their misunderstanding was clear, no unnecessary dragging out. I absolutely loved it, I'm definitely going to re-read this.
It was great! The art is STUNNING, I love it so much and the smut is so hot. Some panels are so beautiful I wish I could just have a bunch of posters of them. The story flows well, their romance is sweet and the ending was absolutely adorable. They're so cute! I'm definitely going to reread this
Hands down the best omegaverse I've bought. It's funny, endearing, and I absolutely love Tsugumi and Megumi. I will buy all the volumes that come out for these two. The smut is hot and the growth you see from both characters makes me so happy! I recommend this for everyone, it's amazing
This author is my favorite and Pillow Talk is just as amazing as all their other work. It's sweet, hot, adorable, and you get the warm fuzzies throughout. Highly recommend!!
I will try to be objective here. The art is nice and the premise is interesting with an herbivore being the top. The racey scenes were drawn well and are alluring. The ending of the first chapter left on a cliff hanger that will leave some readers wanting more.For my personal taste, I do not like non-con. When they said the male was in heat, I was thinking he was in heat the way its shown in omegaverse as in the top cant always control themselves. I did not get that vibe here. Here, the top seemed very conscious of the assault they were committing. Seeing how the bottom's feelings were disregarded and consent nonexistent, I do not feel interested enough to continue. If you like reading the trope where the relationship starts off non-con and then progresses to romance (which is what I think will be done here), then this is for you. Ch. 2 is more of the same under the guise of herbivore teaching carnivore to hunt. If you don't want to read non-con, skip
Well worth it. I'm 4 chapters in and I'm dying, waiting for the ending. It's so cute and hilarious, the feels just hit you in the heart. Plus the racey scenes are nice, the overall art is great!! Highly recommend
I liked this, already re-read the first chapter and am patiently waiting for more. I found it cute and like the first review said, raunchy. Taiga lives in his game but Hibari is bringing him back out to reality. I can't wait to see where this goes!
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