User Reviews For: A Hot Night With My Boss in a Capsule Hotel?


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CeeraRayhne Rating
Poor confused girl, she's just trying to do her job!
sasaraRH Rating
I love this series & I'm probably the only 1 w/ this opinion (maybe- & spoilers as I've read ch.15) I want Kei w/ Minori. I think Mr. Hadano deserves to b w/ his ex girlfriend (tho thats just me.) Kei loves Minori & not just sexually, whereas thats all thats going for Minori & Mr. HadanoI love this series, it has amazing character development, fantastic art plus a wonderful storyline/plot.Mr. Hadano, drives me insane because he chooses work, but he does seem to care about minori. However, the way he shows it is thru a "work" capacity ... & sex.(Tho, those H scenes are fire & amazing!)Whereas Kei wants to take her out on dates, confesses his feelings & notices when something wrong.Anyway I can't wait for more & kinda hope this turns more into that love triangle/square & we get more amazing character development w/ that. I can't wait for more.If thats what u like highly recommendIf not & its the same old, same old- being its Renta- I'd say find something else to read that u like.
Chiara692005 Rating
I fell in love with the anime and bought the DVD and watched it a hundred times at least; so, finding the manga translated into English on Renta is GREAT !! I love the spicy story between the two MC. Art is great, like in all works by this author. The English translation is just perfect. And, as usual, I am giving 4 stars and not 5 because of the usual light sabers in the smut scenes. I really hate light sabers !!!
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