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AliceCherish Rating
Shota with the ages increased very slightlyTo say that Nao is naïve or immature is like saying that a puppy doesn't know algebra. He's so unintelligent that it's a bit sickening to see him taken advantage of, and so violently. I've read my fair share of dub and non-con (for a long time it seemed like those were the only flavours of yaoi) but this feels like the authorities should be called in to investigate the well-being of a minor who probably has a developmental delay and sub-par IQ which make him ill equipped to navigate the world on his own if he doesn't have occupational therapy. And the fact that his father is a DOCTOR and Nao seems to have not even a basic understanding of the body makes it even sadder.Masaki is a predator, and not in a fun fantastical way.The only thing that made me smile was the comment that men can get pregnant, from the dad, which may have alluded to trans men.
seabud Rating
Already loving this! Can't wait for the next one to come out!
Cygnus Rating
Huh? What did I just read?!? XDIt's not omegaverse.. is it pregman world? Are they truly blood related brothers?? So many questions and confusing, yet, enough curiosity wanting to find out more about this story. Seme is definitely taking advantage of uke naivety though, and the type to bully the one he likes.
mpyro Rating
Ignore the “shota” comment. It wouldn't be here if it had that. It's a fun, random romp. It involves brothers, so if you don't like that, dont read.
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