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LMAO!! This is funnier than I expected. Love triangle between tough omega, beta best friend and alpha gang leader. Looking forward to see how this will all turn out.
Hahaha This is better than I thought after 2nd chapter. What an interesting isekai world and slave system. Totally not what I expected. Can't wait for the relationship to develop between Shuu and prince Jadeite. Beautiful art and best of all, it's uncensored!
Wow.. things sure escalate fast! This is going to be a fun and spicy one to read. Can't wait to find out how this mafia boss going to tame that wild cat assassin.
Looks like its going to be a typical "writer's block drawing inspiration from real life experience" story, it's predictable where this will lead to. But that's ok. I like the art, and the writer might have an interesting personality, and Best of all.. it's UNCENSORED!!! Yay!!!
LOL I can sense that this will be a fun and cute one to read. Story premise is as described. Waiting to see the aftermath of awakening vampire instinct and how it'll impact their friendship. Interesting characters so far.. lol
Yay!! A sequel! Good start on their lovey dovey newlywed life. Looking forward to more chapters!
YESSSS!!! Finally another work from Iroha Usui sensei! Soo happy!! Been waiting for this series to be in Renta! Sensei definitely awesome at capturing human expressions, that just make characters more likable, livelier, and sex scene that much hotter! Can't wait for the rest of chapters to be release!
Soooo happy this is finally available on Renta! Definitely warm fuzzy cute story, no over the top drama. Some may find it unrealistically fast pace in their relationship, but when something clicked, everything just fell into place even though they worked together for years. It is realistic scenario to me because I also worked with my hubby for years until something suddenly sparked, & now I'm happily married for over 18yrs.
LOL!! Being hit on by bottoms constantly when Seiei is a bottom himself.. yup.. that's a serious problem he has. But reality of his dream top may not turn out what he has imagined. I'm totally rooting for the straight roommate to jump ship! Can't wait to find out more! Beautiful art and big Bonus for partial uncensored, sure beats lightsaber!
Main story is cute & fluffy, no smut though. I am a bit disappointed it end in 3 chapters plus a bit of bonus at the end. Would've been nice to see it continues on further into their relationship. The rest of chapters are couples from another book ~Rule Number One~ which does have some soft smuts.
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