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If you just want something fun to read with good amount of smuts, then this is it. I'm actually sad that it's completed. I would love to see the story continues. I definitely enjoyed reading this, lovely art, and hilarious at times lol
Interesting pairing, ex-delinquent uke with younger super hot seme. lol what a misunderstanding situation uke got himself into open up a can of worms, this seme is no angel. This is going to be good, can't wait for next chapter!
Not much smut nor plot. Story is pretty predictable and straightforward, but still cute and fluffy! I do wish there're more chapters until they actually become mates, doesn't quite feel complete nor satisfy the way story ended.
Such a good story *sniffles*, so glad it has a happy ending *wiping tears*. What passionate love scenes! I would love to see a sequel of their life together, or at least a bonus chapter for the follow up please!
WHOA! OMG!! This is seriously Deliciously HOT!! I'm amazed that author was able to keep thing super steamy hot without crossing the finish line for sooo many chapters! Not having "light saber" dicks definitely make things much spicier, I love it!! I wish all yaoi manga can be like this. Beautiful art too. Definitely worth collecting! :D
Beautiful art, such heart warming story. Definitely one of the best stories I've read, worth adding to my collections!
I really love this series, hope it'll go on for a long time! Good art too, although not much variation in character designs. Lots of good smuts. It's fun and relaxing to read this everyday life setting, problem solving in relationship issues that we can relate to in real life, no over the top drama. Honesty and good communication is always the key to having good relationship. I love how Ninomiya's love for Ryo always extinguished any insecurity Ryo had. Psychic ability adds a nice touch to the story. They're simply one of the cutest couples! Definitely worth collecting this series.
I love omegaverse, but this story definitely could be better. An idiot omega otaku bonded with an alpha without thinking, which is fine.. since this is a lighter comedy side of omegaverse. Ok arts. Story definitely has a lot of potential, but it was rushed, and skipped over many juicy scenes like they're being censored. Even the only sex scene at the end was like.. meh. I am sort of regret buying instead of renting.
Yay omegaverse! Set at the beginning of omegaverse where little knowledge is known about secondary genders. Good arts, cute omega, and possibly an alpha in denial? Interesting story and characters so far. Can't wait till next chapter!
Omegaverse started off with typical scenario of alpha blackmailing a strong will omega (who pretending to be alpha in top alpha school) into having sex. As story progresses, they become super cute couple. I love the art, and awesome passionate sex scenes. I would LOVE to see the continuation story of their life journey together. Definitely a good omegaverse that I can re-read over and over again.
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