Cygnus's Reviews & Ratings

Hot damn!! That title says it all lol, so i don't have high expectations on storyline, just here for the hot smut ? But I do wonder if he's just a dominant omega or perhaps they're fated pair?!? ? stay tuned to find out i guess..
LOL!! You want cheating play? You got it! Just don't regret you might loose your bf's heart to Takashi (the vibrator) lol. I find it hilarious that Kouki the one who push Kaede for cheating play, yet at some point Kouki starting to mix fantasy as reality lol
Hahahaha! Tough luck to you alpha that your omega has severe allergies that he can't even smell your scent! Also being having tough life for orphaned omega makes him strong willed. So work HARD alpha, to make your omega falls for you!
Really?! Only 2 chapters??! Pretty cute story, a bit rushed, but promising. Although it does feel unfinished.. (that's why I gave 4/5) It could easily go on few more chapters to hammer out their feelings and relationships. I want more! I want to see that fluff continue with these two please! ???
Story line is bit cliche, but still pretty cute. I like the art as well. I can't believe it took Fuji 10yrs of working together before he makes a move on Mei! lol
Wow! What an amazing art and a beautiful story! Pure metaphor of differences in cultures & discrimination in so many aspects of life, and how they struggle to overcome that differences. Simply amazing story!!
I'm a sucker for omegaverse but.. What the heck did I just read??! Lol Sure it started out as none con partnership, but I certainly wasn't expecting it literally means reverse roles from the description! lol It's actually quite refreshing and turned out quite wholesome in the end.
Lol what an interesting start. A vampire full of curiosity about human in a world where vampires dominate over human. Absolutely gorgeous art!! Looking forward to more chapters.
Hot guy raising cute nephew as single parent?? SOLD!!! But hopefully soon won't be single parent anymore! :D Beautiful art. Looking forward to see how their relationship with develop.
Art work is much better than cover page. Seme and uke roles totally not what I expecting lol. Looks like there'll be a proper development of building a relationship and storyline too. Looking forward to more chapters.