User Reviews For: The Creepy Obsession of an Internet Sugar Daddy


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Leatrixrmf Rating
Only the first chapter so the jury is still out on whether I would buy any more of this title. Its also different for the fact it is almost a full colour manga.The story revolves around a high schooler who's family has fallen apart - both her sister and father have died, her mother is drinking and bringing home strange men to deal with her pain, while the MC comes across as a selfish, grasping brat. She's indulging posting pics of herself to attract male attention and as a result, gifts. Unfortunately, her new sugar daddy is turning into something not so sweet...
Mrsmangame123 Rating
It's like a PSA about never talk to strangers. The girl is definitely conceded lol!! But her home life is very tragic and her coping mechanism is to gain male attention. And as we can all guess is going to come with a very heavy price. I feel like a mind break is on the near horizon. It's interesting for sure and I hope it stays on this creepy path as to not encourage this type of behavior in real life because it can be your ruin.
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