User Reviews For: The Effect Of Love And Passion And Magic [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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andianime Rating
IM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS!!! The pretty cover and the preview pages were enough to intrigue me! It ended up being way more fluffier and sexier than I thought! Wow! The perfect combination!! Kazuya is so cute, I want to protect him lol! I would give ANYTHING to get more of the 2nd story about the brother and his new lover hehe, they were so hot too, megane lovers rise!! This author is fantastic, the art, the kisses, the sexiness and fluffiness is 10/10!! I would love to purchase more of their stories!
petalteeth Rating
2.5 :/ this was ok, there was some unexpected semi incest and exhibitionism in front of coworkers which was kind of not for me and I dnf :(