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Amaya Rating
Story is very cute and the drama, while fun and realistic, is not over the top or silly. Light hearted fun story with a sweet conclusion. Rating 3* due to there being a pretty prominent sexual assault taking up a large part of chapter 1 and because the FM constantly complaining how terrible it is to be pretty and have big boobs - and any women who don't agree are catty bitches - was just not my vibe, it sounded kinda men writing women at times (which could just be a translation thing but didn't love it)
Rachel Adams Rating
This is sweet. Currently I like the ML, who does appear to be a gentleman while everyone else outside of the FL is an evil comedy caricature of a person. I'm British and a phrase often said here is 'Do not judge a book by its cover' so I find it hard to believe that there isn't a similar saying in Japan, but yet there are so many mangas that rely on people being judgemental of others based on their looks. Don't get me wrong, we still hear the 'well, if you weren't dressed like that...' excuse when someone gets assaulted, but most women don't see another woman with big boobs and instantly assume that she's throwing herself at blokes. Anyway, the ML uses his popularity to do something good, actually has a starting point of judging her in a good and fair way, and that's a promising start for their relationship and for this manga.
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