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CoffinBed Rating
Wish there are more chapters to offer before I'd write my review, but in the case, it have been a while since the last chapter released (chapter 3). I actually enjoy the story. The art is good, too! MC was a hardwork and proudful manager of three idols until she got fired due the incident. She was able to continue working until the end of the month. Apparently, she got told that she have to work with the arrogant, popular idol! Kaito the idol was a little jerk but had warmed up to MC. Not only that, he had a secret that MC had discovered! But my only complaint is it have been way longer since the last chapter, making the idea that this work have been abandoned which makes me sad because I've been looking forward to read more. It sucks that this is what we have so far, but I can wait if it's still possible for a new chapter.
xotai Rating
It's a very generic story, but it is cute. It's very straightforward and full of cliché, but if you like 'wild' boys then you might as well pick it up for an easy read :)
Kimi Rating
Would love to see the completed manga! I'm dying to know how deep their relationship goes!
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