User Reviews For: Did You Know These Dudes Are Getting Married?!


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jingleclove Rating
This one is definitely a cute one to read! Lots of communication between the couple even when it carries onto the next chapter. Huge bonus points for that since it dissolved the drama immediately afterwards since they actually try to act their age and not drag anything longer than necessary.Sometimes their actions don't make sense at the moment, but through the chapters flashbacks more or less explain why they acted like that(ex. discussing their marital status to old friends). This is definitely a wholesome series and I wished it was longer just because you can really see how much they care for each other + their friends support is such a nice touch. The art itself is also pleasant to look at even with its somewhat rougher style, it conveys softness and adds to the lighthearted tone of the story.
CancerDragon Rating
This one is cute & sexy & all the correct feels.
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