User Reviews For: Hit On by a Kinky Guy


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KenHouchs Rating
I love this manga. For people who just read this story I should you to give it a chance, you won't regret it, the change of the Top is so cute and good.
CancerDragon Rating
Story might go somewhere, but this issue is Non-Con
erowe Rating
Hot and steamy non-con that [spoilers] turns into a sweet emotional slow burn and ahhhhhhh I'm a little obsessed. Seriously, Takamada's character development and lore is delightful and Koyama is such a spirited, determined bottom. Seriously adore this series!
Auroo Rating
I love this manga so much? it's so good and at the start it's pretty non-con at least from ch 10 it starts getting more consensual, heartwarming and cute (mind you I haven't read the whole book yet but from where I'm at I can say I'm loving it so far (? ?° ?? ?°?))
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