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Lonelybambooshark Rating
Aah, I love this author's art style, it's so cute and stylized... (gotta love how it isn't censored, either!)The premise of the story is kind of disturbing, but as you might have guessed, the ox doesn't get eaten in the literal sense, lmao. He's chubby, which isn't something I'm particularly into, but he is adorable! (And it's kind of a breath of fresh air to see a character with this body type, to be honest).This author's previous work that was published here on Renta had a tiger as the protag and this one has an ox, so I wonder if they're gonna have more works with characters based on the animals in the Chinese zodiac?
Cymone Rating
The twist at the end was not something I was expecting. But still a nice surprise.
jackie Rating
Really cute, I enjoy the style, I actually enjoy the design of the sea monster/ demon before they turned human(spoilers!!)
Waterbaby09 Rating
This is one of my absolute favorites and I really hope there will be more to it as I absolutely love the direction things took.