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I absolutely love this story and can't get enough
I absolutely love this story. I absolutely love when couples can be reversible in their with whom is top or bottom. I just can't get enough of stories where they do both
Absolutely love this it is worth every penny I spent
Absolutely love this story. I love how their relationship just slowly develops over time from them not really being not so friendly to each of them slowly realizing their feelings for one another
Absolutely love this story
I absolutely loved all the stories my only complaint is that just as the stories were getting good they would basically cut off. I would have loved it if it was more focused on just a couple of the couples or if more books were made available to continue along with each of the stories.
Absolutely love this another to add to my favorites list. I absolutely love all the sex that goes on makes it perfect.
I absolutely love this story including the second one with the publisher and other author but sadly it just kind of leaves you hanging. I wish there was more especially about the side characters though sadly it says it is completed I pray they decide to surprise us and add more adventualy.
I absolutely love this story and the whole concept especially the fact that they could have kids together but I was really disappointed with how it just kind of cuts off before they even start their relationship. With how much I love this I pray a sequel comes out and soon about them actually starting their relationship and even starting a family together.
I absolutely love this story I keep rereading it and can't get enough. The only thing is I really want more and pray for more soon I absolutely hope his love is reciprocated and not just one sided.
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