User Reviews For: The Pure-Hearted Puppy and the Erotic Tattoo


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SadAsian Rating
Super cute! A pure hearted actor meets a naughty tatto artist who likes to tease him. They're in love. 10/10
Catattx13 Rating
Very light hearted read, with simple dialogue and a basic premise. I have a weakness for tattoos and piercings so I already knew I would enjoy this, and I was happy it didn't disappoint. Hariya is a total flirt but he doesn't push things too far past the limits so I don't want to say dub con ~ per say. Overall lots of mutual love between them with a minor separation arc. Ending did seem a little open, with them being happy together but still… I feel there could have been more. No regrets, happy I got it and I look forward to rereading it in the future.
Kdhjdjdjdj Rating
Sexual harassment in a tattoo studio is a good start lmao then another one while the kid was drunk. Sexual harassments in the tattoo industry is huge and very frowned upon, since I'm a tattoo artist this is just a lot of red flags. I read the 2nd chapter just in case but nope. Just worse.
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